11 Advantage Gambling Methods You Can Use for Insane Profits

If you’re like most gamblers you want to win when you gamble but you don’t know how. Instead of using proven advantage gambling methods to win, you rely on luck and hope. But hope and luck don’t equal profit.

You can learn how to win when you gamble, but you have to start doing what winning players do. These advantage players have learned what works and what doesn’t, and you can learn the same things.

Here are 11 advantage gambling methods that you can use to start making consistent profits.

1 – Blackjack Card Counting Expert

Blackjack is where most advantage players get started. It offers the most straightforward path to playing with an advantage. And anyone can learn how to do it.

You just need to follow a few steps to get started counting cards. The thing that stops most blackjack players from counting cards is they never get started because they think it’s too hard. I urge you t get started, because it’s going to be a great deal easier than you think.

Just follow these simple steps to become a blackjack card counting expert:

  • Master every blackjack rule.
  • Become a master blackjack strategy player.
  • Pick a good card counting system like the hi lo or KO system.
  • Use the system to practice counting cards at home.
  • Use your system and new skills in the casino to play blackjack with an edge.

2 – Jackpot Slots Player

Slot machines aren’t usually the best option for advantage players. Most slots have a house edge that you can’t overcome. But every once in a while, a slot machine offers an edge that you can take advantage of if you know what to look for.

Some slot machines have progressive jackpots that climb until someone hits them. When the progressive jackpot reaches a certain point it eliminates the house edge.

If you want to be a jackpot slots advantage player you need to learn about which progressive machines can be played with an edge and how high the jackpot needs to climb to turn the house edge into your edge.

It also requires a big bankroll, and you have to hit the jackpot to realize the edge. This is a risky way to be an advantage player, and most advantage slots players are part of a team.

3 – Betting on Sports

Betting on sports is another way that many advantage players find an edge. The sportsbooks make money by charging vig on the bets you place, but you can overcome this with good handicapping and game evaluation skills.

Start by learning more about how to evaluate sports teams. It’s easiest if you focus on one sport when you get started. Watch games and look for things that can help you evaluate upcoming games. Learn how to use statistics to help you find an edge.

You’re not going to learn how to become a winning sports bettor overnight, but with enough practice and work you can learn how to make money betting on sports.

4 – Video Poker Detective

Most video poker machines have a built in house edge. When you play on these machines you’re not going to win in the long run. But there are a few video poker machines that offer you a realistic chance to win more than you lose.

You have to find the right variation of video poker with the right pay table. Not many of these machines exist, and that’s why I titled this section video poker detective. You have to find these rare machines so you can take advantage of them.

But finding the right machine and pay table is only half the battle. Once you find the right machine you have to use perfect playing strategy to get an edge. Start by learning which machines and pay tables you need to find, and then find the perfect strategy for the machine to use.

5 – Overlay Finder

An overlay is when the total prize pool is big enough compared to the number of entrants that it gives you an advantage. The most common place gamblers find overlay opportunities is in tournaments. But they also get overlay opportunities by earning entry into special events based on their play from promotions offered by casinos.

When you’re looking for an overlay in a tournament, look for guaranteed prize pools that don’t have enough entrants to cover the guarantee. Divide the total prize pool by the number of entrants. If the cost to enter is less than this number, it’s an overlay.

If the prize pool is $20,000 and the entry fee is $200, you need the number to be over $200.

And, if the tournament has 80 entrants, the number is $250. This is a good overlay. If the tournament has 101 entrants, the number is $198, so there’s no overlay opportunity.

6 – Shuffle Tracking Wizard

This is almost always used in blackjack, but it can be used in a few other table games. Shuffle tracking is when you watch a collection of high cards go into the discard tray close together. You track this section of cards through the shuffle to see where they end up.

When the sections of cards that have a high concentration of high cards are getting ready to be dealt, you raise your bets to take advantage. This isn’t possible unless the game is hand shuffled, and some shuffling techniques make it impossible to get an edge this way.

7 – Ace Sequencing

Ace sequencing I something like shuffle tracking, but you only track aces that go into the discard tray close together.

You watch every ace that goes into the tray, remembering the suit. As the aces start coming out after the shuffle you can predict when the next ace will come out. This can give you an advantage at the blackjack table.

8 – Hole Card Spying

This is an advantage gambling technique that you can use in any game dealt by hand that has face down cards. It’s used most often playing blackjack, but you can get a big advantage in other games like Let It Ride and Mississippi Stud also.

Sometimes the dealer gets sloppy and flashes the values of face down cards when he or she deals them. It takes a sharp eye to see them, but when you see the value of a few face down cards you get a big edge.

9 – Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport around the world, and it has the advantage of being 100% legal in many US states for online bets. This makes it easy to find betting opportunities, but you still have to learn how to make profitable wagers.

You can learn how to join the ranks of profitable horse bettors, but it’s not easy. Start by learning how to handicap horse races, and keep working on your skills as you learn more. Learn how pari-mutuel pools work and about all of the betting options to get started.

10 – Poker Professional

Most poker players lose in the long run, but smart poker players make more than they lose. Poker is a strategy game, and when you learn the proper strategies you can play with a long term edge.

Learn the most popular forms of poker and practice your strategy as much as possible. You can learn how to play well enough to make a profit. The way poker is played, you just have to be better than most of your opponents to make money. You don’t even have to be the best player at the table, as long as you’re better than the majority of your opponents.

Advantage gambling doesn’t get much better than poker.

11 – Betting on Dog Racing

Dog racing is a dying sport in the United States, but there are still a few tracks left. And you can bet on the races from many sportsbooks so you don’t have to be at the race live to take advantage.

The way dog racing works is similar to horse racing. The best are usually the same, and it uses a pari-mutuel pool system. This means that you can learn how to make profitable bets, but it’s going to take some time to learn how to properly handicap dog races.

Final Advantage Gambling Tips

Start using some of the advantage gambling methods you learned on this page to make money gambling. These are the same methods that professional advantage players use, and there’s no reason you can’t use the same strategies.

Start with one advantage play method and work on it until you’re a master. Then add a second method to your toolbox. Eventually you’re going to be able to find opportunities to play with an edge very time you go to the casino. This is what the pros do, and you can do it too. Get started right now.

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