How to Become a Bookie Online (2022 Starting a Business)

How to Become a Bookie Online Header Image
Want to know how to become a bookie online? In 2022, starting a business as a bookie is easier than ever. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t ever have to meet your clients face to face. But what about the legal aspect of making book? Is it safe and legal to act as a bookie in 2022? This post explains everything you need to know about becoming a bookie. It's as companion piece to my post about finding a bookie near you. Is Being a Bookie Legal? If you’re a guy who likes sports, you’ve Read more [...]

Tribal Casinos Near Me 2022 (Indian Gaming California & More)

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If you enjoy casino gambling, you need to consider playing in a tribal casino. But you have to know where tribal casinos are located. Here’s how to find tribal casinos near me in 2022 including Indian gaming in California and elsewhere. The easiest way to find Indian casinos in 2022 is to usie a map. I’ve included a link to an Indian casino map in this post. But you can also ask other gamblers and use popular search engines to find local tribal casinos. Keep reading to find out more but Read more [...]

The 7 Best Casinos Near Columbus, Ohio (OH Gambling 2022)

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Here are the 7 best casinos near Columbus, Ohio. In other words, here are your best OH gambling options in 2022. If you’re traveling to Columbus, the capital of Ohio, or anywhere else in the state, you need to know where to find the closest casino. While Ohio doesn’t have a lot of casinos, they do have four nice casinos. And there are also some nice casinos just over one of the state borders. Internet casino cafes used to be a thing there, too. I’ve lived and gambled in and around Ohio Read more [...]

Instant Win Lottery Scratch Cards (How to Win in 2022)

Instant Win Scratch Off Tickets
I love instant win lottery scratch cards. I’m always preaching the gospel of scratch off lottery tickets. They’re fun, they’re affordable, and they make great gifts. This post is all about instant win lottery tickets, or scratch cards, or whatever you like to call them. I’m lucky enough to live in Texas, a state with a robust and successful state lottery program. We get tons of new tickets on what seems like a monthly basis. I can buy scratch off tickets everywhere from my gas station Read more [...]

How Much Does the Average Person Lose in a Casino?

How Much Does the Average Person Lose in the Casino?
I see a lot of traffic based on the phrase “how much does the average person lose in a casino.” I’m not sure exactly why people search for this phrase. Maybe they’re trying to create a budget for a casino trip or looking to compare their recent losses to a standard. Either way, I can come up with a few numbers that answer the question as well as it can be answered. Here’s my best guess at how much people lose on casino trips, along with some analysis of the numbers. A Fermi Estimate Read more [...]

New USA No Deposit Casinos 2022 (Free Bonuses)

New USA No Deposit Casinos 2022
Real money online casino gambling is available to most US customers, and so are new USA no deposit casinos 2022. Online casinos that accept US customers use no deposit bonuses and other promotions to attract business in a crowded field. The best USA no deposit online casinos in 2022 combine promotional offers that don’t require a deposit with collections of games likes slots and blackjack. When a site has a good customer service department and a reputation for on-time payment, so much the better. This Read more [...]

Who Will Be the Next Pope (Odds and Betting)

Who Will Be the Next Pope Odds?
Rumors of the impending resignation of Pope Francis have people wondering–who will be the next pope? What are the next pope odds? Odds and betting for papal elections are a global phenomenon. Millions of people all over the world watch the election process play out on TV. Cable news covers it like the Oscars and the Super Bowl all in one. In this post, I’ll reveal my pick for who will be the next pope, along with analysis of the "next pope odds" for 10 likely candidates. If you’re Read more [...]

How to Win a Million Dollars (Online or on Wheel of Fortune)

How to Win a Million Dollars Betting on Sports
So. You want to know how to win a million dollars. Who doesn't? The thing to remember about trying to win a million dollars online or even on Wheel of Fortune is that it's never guaranteed. Big rewards come with big risks and long odds. But it IS possible. This post explains multiple ways you might try to win $1,000,000 for yourself. How to Win a Million Dollars Online When I searched Google for "how to win a million dollars online," I got back lots of results about how to become a Read more [...]

Betting Sites Like Bovada (Alternatives for Sports Gambling)

Betting Sites Like Bovada
People looking for betting sites like Bovada are looking for the same basic features and user interface they’re used to. This makes a lot of sense. It’s a good idea to open accounts at multiple sportsbooks. I know lots of bettors who like Bovada. So, when they go to open a new account to take advantage of promotions or differences in odds, they want to find a site that’s like Bovada. This post identifies a handful of betting sites similar to Bovada. These are sites that offer online sports Read more [...]

Baseball Betting Models (MLB Gambling Tips for 2022)

Baseball Betting Models
I love betting on baseball, and I want everyone to try it. I think if more people knew about baseball betting models they’d be more inclined to drop a few bucks on MLB games. Baseball is the easiest sports betting market. Oddsmakers do much better against football and basketball bettors. You can look at revenue reports from sportsbooks for proof. Something about the sport’s long schedule and ever-changing rosters create powerful trends that bettors can work to their advantage. When you look Read more [...]