Blackjack Basic Strategy Made Easy

You've probably seen writers claim that blackjack is the only game in the casino where the smart player can get an edge over the house. You've also probably seen more accurate writers discuss how the basic strategy player can get the house edge down to less than 1%. What these writers are talking about is blackjack basic strategy. Since you know what cards you have and one of the cards that the dealer has, you're in a position where you can make decisions that will help or hurt your probability Read more [...]

Terrible Blackjack Strategies (And What to Do Instead)

It's hard to imagine that any casino table game will ever match the popularity of blackjack. And you'd think, since the game is so perennially popular, that everyone would (by now) know the difference between good blackjack strategies, bad blackjack strategies, and terrible blackjack strategies. But there's only one correct way to play blackjack. Always use basic strategy. (I'll leave a discussion of card counting and other advantage play techniques for another time.) What's Basic Strategy? You Read more [...]

7 Blackjack Etiquette Tips (How to Behave in the Casino)

Here are some blackjack etiquette tips to keep in mind next time you visit the casino. If you've been a casino blackjack player for a while, this might be old hat for you. But a lot of newcomers don''t know how they're expected to behave at the blackjack table. In fact, some younger people don't know how to behave in the casino at all. But good etiquette and manners are important. My goal is for you to be gracious, graceful, and polished the next time you visit the casino. You never know Read more [...]

7 Blackjack Cheating Tips (For People Who Don’t Mind Going to Jail)

Here's a post I've been dreading to write--the one about blackjack cheating. I don't like cheaters, and the casinos hate them even worse than I do. Depending where you're playing, cheating at any kind of gambling is a crime. (In Nevada, it's a felony.) But people like to read about blackjack cheating, and my job is to entertain and educate. I've tried to put everything you might ever want or need to know about blackjack cheating in this one post. But if I've left something out, please leave a Read more [...]

How to Play Keno (If You Absolutely Must)

You've probably seen keno in the casinos, but maybe you haven't played yet because you didn't know how it worked. If that's you, then this is the post you should be reading. Keno's not my favorite game in the casino, but I prefer it to the lottery, which it closely resembles. I think casinos are in the business of gambling. I don't think state governments should be, and that's what the state lottery is--a game of keno being run by the state government. Play keno for free online. Or play for Read more [...]

7 Easy Casino Games with a Low House Edge

If you're new to casino games, you should probably look for easy casino games to play. But you should also choose games with a low house edge. My goal with this post is to give the beginner to gambling some options to choose from in the casino that don't require a lot of skill. But I also want the beginner gambler to have a decent shot at winning some money. The games with the lower house edge are the ones where you have the best chance of winning some money. Here's why: What is the Read more [...]

The Best 7 Budget Gambling Vacations in North America

If you're broke, a gambling vacation might not be the right option. But if you're on a budget, gambling vacations are available at all kinds of price ranges. Just keep in mind that expenses add up any time you're traveling, even when you're attentive  to the costs involved. If you're a generous tipper, that can add up fast. Eating out isn't cheap most of the time, either--and you don't have too many opportunities to cook something frugal when you're on a casino vacation. Also, in recent Read more [...]

6 Gambling Principles Borrowed from Stoicism (That Apply to the Rest of Your Life, Too)

Gambling, like any other activity you engage in during your life, can be a blessing or a curse. This post aims to borrow 6 gambling principles from the philosophy of Stoicism. I believe that having a philosophy of gambling (and indeed, a philosophy of life) can improve the quality of your life. Since this blog is about gambling, it made sense to apply a philosophy to that activity. First, let me explain what Stoicism is: Stoicism is a real-world philosophy that's meant to change the way Read more [...]

Why I Love Shooting Dice (And Why You Should Love Craps, Too)

Craps is my favorite casino game. In fact, there's nothing I love better in the casino than shooting dice. If you haven't caught on to how much fun the game is yet, this post is for you. Below I've listed 6 reasons I love shooting dice and why you should, too. Don't be intimidated by this game. Craps is easier than you think. You'll find more about why below: 1- The house edge when shooting dice is among the best in the casino. The house edge is the mathematically expected win for the casino Read more [...]

6 Blackjack Games You Should Try Playing (At Least Once)

Not all blackjack games are the same. Even blackjack games that are just called "blackjack" often have rules variations. And these changes to the rules affect the math behind the game. Examples of blackjack games, rules changes, and variations to the house edge. Here's an example: You might be playing blackjack at a casino where the dealer stands on any 17 or higher. You switch casinos (or tables) and at the new table, the dealer stands on any 17 or higher EXCEPT for a soft 17, which he hits. What Read more [...]