How Online Casino Bonuses Work

If you're brand-new to online casino gambling, you probably wonder about how online casino bonuses work. Every time you visit an internet casino, you see promises of free money just for signing up. But how do the casinos stay in business giving away free money to new depositors? It's  easier than you might think. How Online Casinos Work - The Basics The basic idea behind an online casino bonus is this: You make your first deposit. The casino gives you extra money in your account as a Read more [...]

Double Double Bonus Poker

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts about Double Double Bonus Poker. My recent post about video poker skills was popular, and that's what got me thinking about this variation. First there was Bonus Poker. This game took basic Jacks or Better and spiced it up by adding bonus payouts for various four of a kind hands. Then, the sequel--Double Bonus. As the title suggests, this game took Bonus Poker’s boosted payouts for quads and doubled them. But with the introduction of Read more [...]