Slot Machines Near Me in 2021 (How to Find Slots in the United States)

Slot Machines Near Me
How do I find slot machines near me? This isn’t a hypothetical question. I travel a lot for work and with family and friends. If I get an urge to play slot machines, I need to be able to find slot games near me no matter where I am. Over the years, I’ve learned how to find slot machine games pretty much anywhere in the United States. I may have to think outside the box or look in some less-familiar places. Sometimes I have to travel a bit outside the planned route to satisfy my slot jones. Read more [...]

51 Gambling Companies and Brands (2021 List, Public and Private)

51 Gambling Companies and Brands
As gambling becomes mainstream in America, interest in gambling companies and brands is increasing. Investors are interested in backing these new markets, and bettors looking to take part in newly-legal sports bets or casino games are curious about the companies and brands available to them. The lists below include companies that design and build slot machines, companies that host offshore gambling sites, sports betting companies, design firms that work with casinos and racebooks, and plenty of Read more [...]

Is Legit? (Is BetOnline Poker Legal?)

Is Legit?
Is legit? Is BetOnline poker legal? These are the questions this post tries to answer. Check out now. Open since 2001, is a US-facing offshore betting site offering a sportsbook, poker room, casino, and racebook. Though they’ve changed their URL a few times and undergone several graphics and gameplay changes, is essentially the same company they’ve been for twenty years. Though many gambling companies left the US market during the difficult Read more [...]

Is Bovada Legal in the US? (California, Florida, or Texas?)

Is Bovada Legal in the US? (California, Florida, or Texas?)
Bovada launched in 2011 as a US-facing online poker room, casino, and sportsbook. It’s a spin-off from the once hugely popular gambling website Bodog, though the two gambling companies no longer have anything to do with each other. remains a popular choice for US-based online sports betting and casino and poker play. It’s difficult to answer the question of legality when it comes to offshore gambling sites. Is Bovada legal in the US? The simplest answer is “No.” I can Read more [...]

How Do Sportsbooks Make Money? (Vigorish Basics)

How Do Sportsbooks Make Money? (Vigorish Basics)
Have you ever asked yourself, how do sportsbooks make money? Legal sports betting in sportsbooks is not even 100 years old. The first Vegas casino to accept bets on pro sports and horse racing only did so in 1949. That’s recent enough that it occurred during my dad’s lifetime. That’s also almost a half-century after gambling came to Nevada. It’s strange to think of it, but I suppose the sportsbook is a modern invention, more contemporary than the slot machine or the roulette wheel. For Read more [...]

Is Offshore Gambling Legal? (United States Betting Laws in 2021)

Is Offshore Gambling Legal? (United States Betting Laws)
Gambling law in the United States has undergone a transformation in the first two decades of the second millennium. This has a big effect on the answer to the question, is offshore gambling legal. A timeline of American gaming law would be quite crowded starting in the early 90s. The question of legal gambling in America is riddled with difficulties. Not only do bettors have to contend with multiple layers of regulations - federal law, state law, local laws, not to mention several layers of Read more [...]

Avoid these 4 Blackjack Games (With the Worst Rules)

This post features blackjack games to avoid (and why). Blackjack basic strategy gives players the best chance of beating the house. The average return-to-player, under ideal game conditions, is close to 100%. It’s easy to play at a close-to-break-even point. You could take my grandmother to Vegas, stick a strategy card in her hand, give her $1,000, and she might walk away with a profit. It took casinos approximately fifteen nanoseconds to figure out that they can make tiny changes to games Read more [...]

Test Your Skills at Video Poker (15 Tips for Winners)

Test Your Video POker Skills (15 Tips for Winners)
The title of this post is test your skills at video poker.  But it would be equally useful to discuss qualities and personality traits. Both are vital to long-term success in video poker. And devoted video poker gamblers should develop or master as many of these as possible. Once you've mastered them, you’ll find the house edge dropping and your overall win rate rising. This test your skills at video poker post has been completely updated for 2021. 1- Memorization of Video Poker Read more [...]

Gambling in Cancun (Casinos and Casino Resorts in Mexico)

Gambling in Cancun (Casinos and Casino Resorts in Mexico)
In today’s post, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about gambling in Cancun, Mexico. In fact: There's a lot to cover when it comes to casino gambling, poker, and sports betting in Cancun. Let's dive right in. Are There Casinos in Cancun? Can You Gamble in Cancun? You CAN gamble in Cancun. There ARE casinos and resorts there, too. In fact, you can get action at 7 different casinos in Cancun: Caliente Sportsbook and Casino Casino Palace Cancun Dubai Palace Read more [...]

7 Interesting Facts about Amarillo Slim 

7 Interesting Facts about Amarillo Slim
Have you heard of Amarillo Slim? If not, I'm sharing some interesting facts about the colorful life of Amarillo Slim. A famous poker player and gambler. Slim was legendary.  He popularized Texas Hold'em in Las Vegas during the late 1960s.   Tall and lanky, Amarillo Slim wore custom-made cowboy boots and a 10-gallon hat. He looked like he just walked off the set of a Hollywood Western.   His gift for gab made him a welcome figure around poker tables. Amarillo Slim projected a friendly, Read more [...]