Bitcoin Roulette, Everything You Need to Know

I love playing roulette, I love practicing my roulette strategy. I love the excitement of the game.  For me, I now love playing bitcoin roulette.

My ears perked up when a friend recently asked me if I had ever played bitcoin roulette, I had not. I knew I had to give it a go because I love all things roulette. 

I had a lot of questions and I’m going to share with you what I found. 

Bitcoin is becoming a more popular way for players to bank at online casinos. Bitcoin Roulette is much like online roulette just a different form of currency.  

I am going to review everything you know to know about bitcoin roulette. Here are the main points I am going to go over with you: 

What is bitcoin roulette? 

How do I play bitcoin roulette? 

What do I look for in a good bitcoin casino? 

Pros and cons of bitcoin roulette 

What is Bitcoin Roulette? 

I am sure you already know that there are a few popular variations on roulette games online. There is American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette. All 3 games are a variation on the European roulette.  

The best online casinos that offer bitcoin roulette usually have an American roulette version. I am not sure why. I know it’s my favorite so when I discovered that most bitcoin casinos have American roulette, I was ecstatic. 

Other than the currency difference there is little to no difference between playing roulette and bitcoin roulette. The only difference is that you will have a faster, anonymous, secure payout. 

How Do I Play Bitcoin Roulette? 

We all know roulette is a game of numbers. Roulette doesn’t require a lot of mathematical genius to understand. Bitcoin roulette is a game of chance 

Roulette in its simplest explanation is you place wagers by placing chips on a certain color/ chip combo. The ball is tossed on to the spinning wheel. The ball lands on a color/ number combination. The combo wins. 

It goes on from there. It’s a fun game. Don’t know the basics of roulette? Read up.  

You need to understand any game if you’re going to play any online casino with money make sure you know what you’re doing. Bitcoin or not.   

A bitcoin roulette game is much like what you will see at any other online roulette game. There are virtual and live bitcoin roulette games. I personally like the live roulette games.  

I enjoy the thrill of wagering against other people. It gives me the chance to hone my skills and learn how other players wager. 

In a game of online bitcoin roulette, you can utilize the same betting strategies you would use in any other online roulette game. As always, make sure you understand the betting strategy you’re using so you have the best chance of winning.  

Here are the basics steps to playing bitcoin roulette: 

Sign up for a new player account/ membership 

They will usually require your basic information. Email, phone number, etc. A legit casino will send you a confirmation email to confirm it’s you.  

Don’t be freaked out if the online casino requires your social security number. Some online casinos are required by law to collect player’s social security numbers for governance reasons. 

Visit the Cashier or Banking Page 

This is where you will choose how you want to make a deposit. This is when you will choose bitcoin as your banking preference. Using bitcoin to play roulette is just a few simple steps: 

  • Select bitcoin as your deposit method 
  • The online casino will give you a unique URL to make the deposit from your bitcoin wallet 
  • Go to your bitcoin wallet. Find the tab for sending bitcoins. Type in the unique URL given to you by the online casino 
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, and press send. 

It’s that simple to make a deposit to play bitcoin roulette. You are all set to play (and win) online bitcoin roulette.  

Play Bitcoin Roulette 

Like I have already shared, playing bitcoin roulette is no different than traditional online roulette. The only difference is you have chosen the most secure and fastest currency to gamble with. 

Withdrawing Your Winning 

Once you have decided to cash out your winning from bitcoin roulette you will need to do the reverse of making a bitcoin deposit.  

  • Here are the steps in reverse: 
  • Visit the cashier or banking page.
  • Chose bitcoin as your payout method. Enter the amount you would like to have transferred to your bitcoin wallet 
  • You will need to go to your bitcoin wallet and click on the tab to receive money. This will generate a URL to receive money from the bitcoin casino. 
  • Go back to the online casino’s cashier or banking page. Enter the URL given to you by your bitcoin wallet. 
  • DOUBLE CHECK THE EVERYTHING IS CORRECT BEFORE YOU PRESS WITHDRAW. This is incredibly important. Because bitcoin is an anonymous currency and this step can’t be undone. 

Basic House Edge for Bitcoin Roulette  

I wanted to make sure you’ve thought about and know about bitcoin roulette. The house edge is not any different from other online roulette games.  

This primer will give you the edge when you go to bet in a bitcoin roulette game. 

5.26% for American roulette with a return to player rate of 94.74%. However, the basket bet has a house edge of 7.89% with a return rate of 92.11%. 

2.70% for European roulette with a return to player rate of 97.30% for all bets. 

2.70% for French roulette with a return to player rate of 97.30%. Variants of French roulette, which use the En Prison or La Partage ruleset, have even payouts bets so the house edge is 1.35% with a return rate of 98.65%. 

There are several strategies that can be employed, such as Martingale and Hollandish. However, they are almost useless as bitcoin roulette is a game of chance. and there is no way to predict future outcomes from past ones. 

What to Look for in a Good Bitcoin Casino? 

Man, aren’t we lucky that we have so many choices to decide how we want to bank when we play an online casino? What is even cooler is we can play with bitcoins, 

We all know that paying any online casino comes with possible risks. There is, unfortunately, a false rumor that bitcoin casinos are nefarious. I think it’s because of the unknown.  

Humans don’t like things that they don’t know about. The same is true for bitcoin casinos.  

Don’t get me wrong, there are some rogue bitcoin casinos out there that are just shady. Just as there are online casinos that don’t payout or are rigged. 

But the truth is that bitcoin casinos are, for the most part, trustworthy. I think this is because their players use bitcoin. Bitcoin is based is security and speed. The casinos know that their players are looking for trustworthy sites to play bitcoin roulette. 

It is beyond important when you are choosing a bitcoin casino that you look for the following pointers before you play bitcoin roulette: 

1- Understand the Casino’s Bitcoin Policies

Make sure you understand how the bitcoin casino works. It is like any other casino in that it is important for the user experience to be seamless and easy to use. If it’s confusing and you don’t feel comfortable, move on. There are tons of other casinos to play bitcoin roulette. 

2- Do Research on the Bitcoin Casino Before You Play

Make sure that the bitcoin casino has a good online reputation. The best way to figure this out is to read online player forums and reviews about the bitcoin casino.  This is a priceless tool when you’re researching bitcoin casinos. Take the feedback and the player’s experience so that you can have the best bitcoin roulette gameplay. 

3- Understand the Bitcoin Banking Options

This may be obvious but look for a casino that offers bitcoin as a banking option. It seems silly but I would hate for you to do a bunch of prep and the “bitcoin” casino you have chosen doesn’t even offer bitcoin as a banking option. 

There are some casinos out there that advertise as bitcoin casinos to get visitors to their site. But when in fact they are using the word bitcoin as a trend to get players. 

You might be safest playing at casinos that offer the only bitcoin as banking options if anonymity is your biggest concern.  

Beware that that bitcoin is not a currency recognized by any governmental agencies in the USA. This is a reason that bitcoin-only casinos are not required to hold a license. Spin with caution. 

4- Pay Bitcoin Casinos You Like

Make sure that the casino will meet your gambling needs. As with any casino, you want to make sure the bitcoin casino has the types of casino games you want to play.  Also, make sure you are comfortable with their table rules 

Look for bitcoin casinos that have generous bonus programs. Several bitcoin casinos offer up to a 4th despot bonus. They want your bitcoin business. They will go to almost any lengths to get you to play their bitcoin roulette. 

Be sure to read their terms and conditions. You want to be able to understand what the requirements are when you take advantage of their bonuses. 

Look for a bitcoin casino that offers great customer service. A red flag for me is when I am looking at an online casino’s site and I can’t find a contact page.  If you can’t find this, they don’t want to be found. That is bad news.  

Let’s say you have banking issues. If you don’t have anyone to contact, then you’re up a creek without a paddle. You catch my drift. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette? 

Bitcoin fairly new currency to the online casino arena. Bitcoin roulette is new too. So it’s hard to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. I’ve got you covered, not to worry 

Pros of Bitcoin Roulette 

The biggest pro of playing roulette with bitcoins ensures the  privacy of the online casino and the player. 

The 3rd party is eliminated. There is no payment processor that will have access to your banking information. You will also avoid chargebacks that are usually applied to credit cards. 

Deposits and withdrawals are instant. The moment you press deposit or withdraw with bitcoin it is almost instantly in your bitcoin roulette account. 

A lot of traditional payment processors will instantly deposit money into your account, but it can take days to give you your winnings. Bitcoin roulette gives you the advantage of instant transactions. Technology is cool. 

Bitcoin roulette winnings aren’t subject to taxes. There is not a country that has yet to qualify bitcoin as a real money form of currency 

If bitcoin is your main banking choice when playing bitcoin roulette, you will also avoid transaction fees. Most of the USA credit card companies will charge up to 25% APR for online casino transactions. The credit card companies treat casino charges as cash advances. Not with bitcoin. 

Bitcoin will also not reveal your identityAll bitcoin transactions are anonymous. 

There are some great advantages of using bitcoin when you play roulette.  

Cons of Using Bitcoin Roulette 

Bitcoin casinos are not regulated y any governing agencies. They don’t have to have a license. I’m not saying all bitcoin-based casinos do business without a license. 

Be wary and look for a bitcoin roulette casino that does carry the appropriate licensing for their home jurisdiction. 

To be blunt, there are not as many bitcoin roulette casinos as there are other traditional online casinos. Therefore, it is so important to research the bitcoin roulette game you are going to play. 

Bitcoin can be an unsteady form of currency. Its exchange rate can change on an hour by hour basis.  f the bitcoin value becomes higher than the USA dollar, that is to your reward. If it goes in the other direction, that is not in your favor. 

Rarely it can take a bitcoin to withdraw can take even longer than the more standardized payment forms. It is rare but does happen. The cause of this is that some online bitcoin casinos manually process your withdrawal for security reasons. 


Bitcoin roulette is becoming more and more popular. I suggest you follow the above points and start winning by playing roulette bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin roulette is not a different game from traditional online roulette. You are just choosing a different banking method. 

I would love to hear your experiences with bitcoin roulette. Have a question? I’ll do my best to answer it. Please leave a comment below.

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