Can You Play Blackjack Online with Other Players?  

I have always enjoyed the camaraderie that comes from playing blackjack at a table full of competent players. Does that mean I enjoy spending time in land-based casinos?  

For many years, that was certainly the case. After all, land-based casinos were the only place I could get that kind of action. In recent years, I have been spending more time playing casino games online. I enjoy having the ability to play blackjack or craps for real cash while passing time at home or sitting in my local coffee shop. 

As much as I enjoy playing casino games online, I must admit I miss sitting at a blackjack table surrounded by other players who have the same objective as me.  

That us against them mentality is what I seem to miss the most. It’s that feeling Amarillo Slim must have gotten from chatting with the boys while playing poker.
With my gambling loyalty caught in between land-based casinos and online casinos, I went in search of a solution to my dilemma.  

What’s my dilemma? The answer is finding a place or way I could play blackjack online at home with other live players sitting at the table with me.  

Non-cash Online Blackjack Options

Before I begin explaining what I have discovered, I want to start by delineating between cash and non-cash online blackjack games. I’m going with the assumption that people reading this blog will be primarily interested in playing online blackjack for real cash with other players at the table.

Yes, I’ve found gaming sites that offer online blackjack real money options. Some of these gaming sites have gone so far as to offer options that will allow multiple people to play at the same table.

While playing such games, the standard rules of blackjack always apply. Each player is playing against the same dealer, though they’re playing for their benefit only.

2 things make these games unique:

1-  Players aren’t playing for real cash. They’re usually playing to pass time, hone their skills, or for bragging rights among the other players at the table. Some blackjack competitions award points to the player or players with the most cash at a certain point.

2- Non-cash online offers players the ability to interact among themselves as though they’re sitting in a land-based casino. They can’t speak to each other, but they do have chat capabilities they can initiate by using their keyboards or mobile keypads.  

About Online Casinos 

More than 20 years ago, online casinos began popping up in parts of Europe and gambling jurisdictions like Costa Rica. 

The original online casinos were often rather basic with some connection to an online sportsbook. The eventual popularity of online casino games led the online gambling community to start developing dedicated online casinos.

Through the years, innovation has been the driving force behind the online casino industry’s explosive growth. Every time technology offers a new opportunity, online casino software developers are standing by to take advantage of these new technologies. 

The evolution of online casino gambling has taken players through an adventure of innovation. From basic online casino games to live dealer casino table games, everything software developers have been doing stands as an effort to give online gambling enthusiasts the best online gambling experience possible. 

Real Money Online Blackjack Options 

Blackjack was, is, and will likely always be a favorite online casino gambling game among online players such as myself. If someone likes the game of blackjack, they likely love the game as much as Amarillo Slim enjoyed poker in his heyday. 

Today, there are 100s of online casinos in operation in Europe. In the U.S., the first legal online casino made its debut in 2018. The industry has grown to the point of 5 states now allow online casinos to offer video slots and table games to residents in their respective states.

True to form, real money blackjack continues to serve as a favorite table game among online gambling enthusiasts. Almost all online casinos offer at least 1 option with many of them offering as many as a dozen options.

Here’s a list of some the games offered by online casinos: 

  • Spanish Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch 
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Double Exposure
  • Standard American or European Blackjack

1 very important option is missing from this list. That would be live dealer blackjack.

Yes, innovation has allowed online casinos to start offering live dealer blackjack options across several different variations. It’s live dealer games that seem to hold the key to us players being able to play the game online with other players at the table.

About Live Dealer Blackjack 

What is live dealer blackjack? It’s an option that includes a live dealer controlling the action. About 5 years ago, the 1st live dealer blackjack games came to market. 

How does live dealer blackjack work?

While things may vary slightly from one online casino to the next, players such as myself, can go to an online casino’s live dealer section and choose our option. What appears on screen is a live dealer, many times a beautiful woman, standing at the ready to deal.

The games come via a streaming process from a live casino studio usually located somewhere in Europe. 

During my 1st live dealer blackjack experience, I chose the type of blackjack I wanted to play as well as the dealer. I wasn’t able to speak directly to her. We could communicate via a chat. She also had a microphone that allowed her to verbalize commands. 

After sitting down at the table directly across from the dealer, I was able to place my bets through an additional interface module. As she would deal cards, she’d drag them across a scanner,.

The scanner produced the card images on my computer. As the hands played out, my account balance would move up or down with wins or losses. 

What lingered in my mind about the live dealer concept was there were no other players at the table. I had this feeling I was halfway to where I wanted to be. 

Can You Play Blackjack Online with Other Players? 

So far, I haven’t found an online blackjack option where I could play with other players while wagering real money. However, I’ve got the sense the multiplayer live dealer option is coming in the future.

I can say this based on the fact I discovered something the casino industry calls “Ultimate Blackjack.” 

Ultimate blackjack is an option that allows as many as 100 players to play the very same hand at the very same time with the very same live dealer. While everyone was using the same cards to make decisions, we were all able to make our own decisions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t communicate among ourselves, but we were all there.

That tells me software developers must be close to innovating live dealer games that will closely emulate a land-based casino environment. 

I can picture up to seven people playing blackjack at the same live dealer table while sitting at home or in a coffee shop. With cameras sitting in strategic locations, maybe we could see each other. 

While hooking us together for verbal communication might be a tall order, communication through a chat function is very doable. I know that because it’s the same process online poker sites have been using for years. 

I’m amazed that real money online blackjack tables with multiple players are not yet a reality. It seems all the technologies exist, it’s just a matter of tying everything together. 

At this point, my guess is community online blackjack is coming very soon. I know the demand exists because I’ve communicated with a lot of online gambling enthusiasts who all seem to be waiting for exactly the opportunity of which I have been writing. 

One other thing I’d like to mention on this topic. The online casino software development community has been pushing Virtual Reality (VR) online casino gambling. With a game controller and a set of VR goggles, gamblers can walk around a virtual casino and play selected games. 

In my mind, I can imagine a time where I’m in a VR casino, looking for an empty seat at a live dealer blackjack table. As I sit down, I turn to the right, turn to the left, and greet my fellow players as I placed my 1st live bet. 


As you can see, there is the ability to play online blackjack with other players. It’s in its infancy but technology is the biggest roadblock facing online blackjack players who want to play online blackjack with other people.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gambling.


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