The Most Complete List of Casino Games Ever

You’ll find plenty of pages on the Internet about casino games. Most of those pages list the main 5 or 6 games you hear about all the time, and that’s it. I’ve set my goal a little higher–to create the most complete list of casino games ever.

I’ve organized this “most complete list of casino games ever” according to rough categories based on what made sense to me. You’ll also find descriptions of each gambling game and the pros and cons for players.

You can consider this post a close companion to my post about the 7 best online casino real money games, which offers suggestions about which games are worth gambling on for real money on the internet.

This post is probably more of work in progress than most of the posts on the site. That’s because people are inventing new casino games all the time.

If you notice a game I’ve left off the list, please comment on the post, and I’ll update this page accordingly.

List of Casino Card Games

Roulette Is Just One of the Casino Games on My ListI should point out that this list of casino card games doesn’t include poker games where you play against the other players. I’ve devoted this page to casino games. The house banks those games, rather than the other players at the table.

The list does include poker games where the house acts as the bank. In such games, the players compete against the dealer rather than against each other.

  1. Baccarat – High rollers love this classic casino game. It requires no skill and has no correct strategy besides avoiding the banker bet. Imagine a card game equivalent to betting on a coin toss, but surround the game with mystique and ritual.
  2. Blackjack – Possibly the most popular table game in any casino, blackjack offers some of the best odds–IF you know how to play correctly. Basic strategy explains the correct move to make in any situation. The goal is to either get closer to 21 than the dealer or still be in the hand when the dealer busts out.
  3. Blackjack Switch – You get to play two hands at a time, and you’re allowed to switch cards from one hand to another. Blackjack Switch is a fun variation of blackjack. The house edge is excellent if you follow the correct strategy, but the correct strategy includes knowing when to switch cards.
  4. Caribbean Stud – The casino banks this version of five card stud. You play against a pay table, just as you would if you were playing video poker. The difference is that you have an actual dealer. The game also has a progressive jackpot, but the house edge is over 5%.
  5. Casino War – This is the casino equivalent of the children’s card game. It has a high house edge and plays really fast. I don’t recommend this game. It’s not that interesting, and you’ll lose your bankroll fast.
  6. Catch a Wave – You get a card, then you get to hit or stand. If you hit, you get to bet on whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card. The dealer also has a hand to play, and your payout depends on whether you’re still in the game and on how the dealer’s hand goes.
  7. Double Exposure Blackjack – This is a variation of blackjack in which both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This provides obvious advantages to the player, but the game has other disadvantages to make sure the casino still has an edge.
  8. Let It Ride – Another house-banked poker variation, Let It Ride uses a five card hand made up of two community cards and three player cards. You start the game with three bets in play, and you get the option of reducing the size of your bet based on what your cards are. (The cards are revealed one at a time.)
  9. No Flop Pineapple – In this house-banked poker game, you try to make the best possible four card hand using two community cards and two cards from your hand. You win if you can beat the dealer’s hand. The gimmick is that you get three cards and have to discard one of them.
  10. Pai Gow Poker – This game combines a popular Asian gambling game, Pai Gow, with seven card stud. The fun part of the game is setting your hand into two separate hands–one with five cards, and the other with two cards.
  11. Pontoon – This is the British version of blackjack. You can find multiple versions of this game online, some of which have such dramatically different rules that they shouldn’t even have the same name.
  12. Progressive Blackjack – This is a blackjack game with a progressive jackpot. The house edge on the progressive jackpot bet is usually quite high, but it’s also usually an optional side bet. The rules for hitting the progressive jackpot vary from casino to casino, but they usually involve getting three 7s. You win the big jackpot if the three 7s are all of the same suit.
  13. Red Dog – This is a variation of acey-deucey. You bet on whether the next card dealt will come between the two previous cards in ranking. For example, if the first two cards are 7 and 10, you’d be betting on the next card being and 8 or a 9.
  14. Spanish 21 – This is a version of blackjack with so many rules variations, including a modified deck, that it gets its own listing as a separate game. (Not all variations of blackjack are different enough to warrant their own listing.) The house edge is excellent if you learn the correct strategy.
  15. Super Fun 21 – This is another blackjack game with multiple rules variations. Some of these variations include automatic wins for players with six cards in their hand (as long as it doesn’t bust). A player blackjack always wins, too, regardless of the dealer’s hand. The house edge is actually worse than in many standard blackjack games, although Super Fun 21 is, mathematically, still better than most of the games in the casino.
  16. Three Card Mulligan – This is a variation of Three Card Poker in which you can opt to trade in your original three card hand for a brand-new hand.
  17. Three Card Poker – This is a house-banked poker game played with only three cards in your hand.

List of Casino Dice Games

Dice games like craps aren’t as popular as they once were, but you’ll still find plenty of people rolling the bones in the casino. Here’s as complete a list of dice games played in the casino as I could think of:

  1. Chuck-a-luck – You can bet on any number, 1 through 6. The dealer then rolls 3 dice. If the number you bet comes up on any one of those dice, you get even money. If it comes up on two of those dice, you get 2 to 1. Can you guess what happens if your number comes up on all three dice? The house edge is 7.87%.
  2. Craps- This is the most commonly played dice game in the casino. A shooter tries to roll a 7 or 11 on the come out roll. Failing that, she tries to roll the point set by this first roll before rolling a 7. Craps has some of the best odds in the casino, but only if you know which bets to place. Some of the bets available at the craps table have an atrocious edge for the house.
  3. Crapless craps – This is a simplified version of craps where it’s impossible to crap out on the come out roll. The game pays for this by having lower payouts on your bets when a point is set. The house edge for crapless craps is actually higher than the house edge in regular craps.
  4. Die rich – This is another simplified version of craps–this time only using a single die. A 6 on the come out roll automatically wins; a 1 automatically loses. The other numbers become the point, just like in regular craps. The house edge is about 3.7%.
  5. Sic bo- This is an Asian game played with 3 dice. You have a wide variety of bets available. Sic bo isn’t as exciting as craps, and it doesn’t have the following that craps has, either. You can still find it in many casinos, though–especially online. The house edge for most of the bets is higher than I like, but some bets are better than others.

List of Gambling Machines

In most modern casinos, gambling machines account for over 70% of the casino’s revenue. Most of these games are slot machines, but not all of them.

Here’s my list:

  1. Slot machines – You’ll find a seemingly-infinite variety of slot machine games in the casino, but they all have one thing in common–spinning reels. I’ll eventually write a post describing all the possible slot machine variations I can think of. I’m not a fan of slots, because the combine a high house edge with a high rate of play, resulting in an average hourly loss rate that’s higher than I’d prefer.
  2. Video Blackjack – This is a video game version of blackjack. Most online blackjack games are, in a sense, video blackjack games. But in brick and mortar casinos offering the game, a blackjack only pays off at even money. (Online casino blackjack games generally follow favorable standard blackjack rules.)
  3. Video Craps – This is a video game version of the craps game. It’s not as common as video blackjack or video poker.
  4. Video Poker – This is the most interesting of all gambling machines. Video poker is available in countless varieties–including Double Double Bonus Poker–each of which offers multiple possible pay tables. The house edge for most VP games is low, especially compared to slot machines. Video poker also offers the player an opportunity to make decisions affecting her odds of winning.
  5. Video Roulette – Can you guess what this game is and how it works?

List of  Casino Games with Spinning Wheel

I love casino games with spinning wheels even though the house edge on such games is usually high.

Here’s a list of casino games using spinning wheels:

  1. Big Six Wheel – This game is also sometimes just called “Wheel of Fortune”, but it has no relation other than a passing resemblance to the popular television game show.  The game uses an upright (vertical) spinning wheel. The game has fallen out of fashion, but it’s still available in some casinos. The house edge is high, but it’s fun for a bet or two.
  2. Roulette – This is possibly the most venerable casino game of them all. The spinning wheel is horizontal, and a metal ball falls into one of 38 pockets. You have a wide variety of bets to choose from, but almost all of them have the same house edge. It’s a fun game, and depending on the variation, the house edge varies from 2.70% to 5.26%. I’ll go into more detail about that in a future blog post devoted specifically to roulette.


You can find a tremendous number of casino games. Some of them are here today and gone tomorrow. Others seem to stick around forever.

The goal of this post was to offer you the most complete list of casino games ever.

Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve succeeded.

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