7 Casino Hacks that Will Help You Win More Money

Casino hacks are strategies for managing your activities, money, and time better in a casino. The goal of these casino hacks is to enable you to win more money more often and lose less money less often.

For the most part, gambling in a casino is a losing proposition.

But you can win some of the time, even at an online casino like this one. If you play for real money, you get a 350% deposit bonus, but you can try YOUR casino hacks for free, too. WildVegasCasino.

But you can reduce your average losses and improve your potential winnings with these 7 casino hacks:

1- The Best of All Casino Hacks: Master Basic Strategy in Blackjack

Every new casino gambler’s first goal should be to learn how to play blackjack.

Your 2nd goal should be to master basic strategy in blackjack.

What’s basic strategy?

It’s the mathematically proven best way to play every hand. If you make your decisions according to blackjack basic strategy, you reduce the house edge from between 2.5% and 4.5% to between 0.5% and 1%.

What’s the house edge?

That’s the amount of each bet that the casino expects you to lose, on average, over the long run.

The house edge is a byproduct of the discrepancy between the odds of winning and the payout odds.

A hand of blackjack usually pays off at even money, but your probability of winning a hand of blackjack is only a little over 40%.

This means that a little less than 60% of the time, the casino wins even money, giving them an obvious mathematical edge — even when you account for the occasional hand where you get a natural 21 and a 3 to 2 payout.

You can minimize that edge by making the mathematically correct decision on every hand.

Most people memorize blackjack by using a chart or a table, but you can find basic strategy outlined hand by hand in text format, too.

2- Count Cards in Blackjack

Once you’ve mastered basic strategy, which most people can do in a matter of hours, by the way, you should learn to count cards. This is my favorite casino hack because it’s easier than most people think.

If you can count cards, you can turn blackjack into a game where you have an edge over the house instead of vice versa. Of course, casinos hate card counters, so you not only need to learn how to count cards. You also need to learn how to do so subtly.

The premise is simple enough:

You get a 3 to 2 payout for a natural, which is a 2-card hand totaling 21. You can only get such a hand if you get one card worth 10 points and another card worth 11.

The 10s, jacks, queens, and kings are each worth 10 points. The ace is the only card worth 11 points.

If a deck of cards has a higher than normal ratio of 10s and aces to low cards, you have a better probability of getting that 3 to 2 payout.

If you raise your bet in that situation, you’re getting an edge over the casino.

Most card counters just track how many low cards have been dealt by treating the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s as +1. They treat each ace or 10 as -1.

Most of the time, the count is negative or 0.

But when the count becomes positive, you bet more. The higher the count, the more you bet.

By counting cards, you get an edge of between 1% and 4% over the house, depending on your betting spread and how well you adjust your basic strategy.

3- Set the Dice Before Throwing Them in Craps

Shooting dice is another game where you face a small edge, even though the edge is higher than in blackjack.

But it’s small enough that a skilled shooter can reduce it to 0% or even get an edge over the casino.

The secret is simple — dice setting.

What is dice setting and how does it work?

The premise is that you’re going to hold the dice in a specific way — “setting the dice.”

You follow that up with a “controlled throw.” This is usually a gentle, underhand throw that minimizes the amount of randomness to the dice results.

The goal is to avoid rolling a 7.

If a dice setter can do that successfully, he can change the odds of winning for an entire table of craps players.

4- Hunt Online Casino Bonuses

One technique that online casino gamblers used to use is hunting for online casino bonuses. The idea is to claim the free bonus money that online casinos use to lure players into trying their games. You follow that up by playing just enough to meet the wagering requirements for the bonus and cash out with a profit.

In the modern online casino environment, this is more or less impossible, but you could get lucky and find a casino with less restrictive wagering requirements than most.

What are wagering requirements?

That’s the amount you must bet before cashing out at an online casino.

Here’s an example:

You sign up at an online casino which offers a $200 bonus on your first $100 deposit. They require you to wager the deposit plus the bonus 30 times before allowing you to cash out.

This means you must make $300 X 30, or $9000, in wagers before cashing out.

Estimating Your Expected Wins or Losses

You can use the house edge for a casino game to estimate how much money you’ll lose on that amount of action.

A basic strategy blackjack player keeping the house edge down to 0.5% would only expect to lose an average of $45 on that amount of action, which would make this bonus offer profitable.

You deposited $100, got a $200 bonus, then lost $45. You’re left with $255, which means you have a $155 profit.

Of course, you could have results wildly different from that.

But that would be the average over time — in other words, you’d have a positive expectation with that strategy.

The problem is that most casinos don’t allow you to play blackjack when meeting wagering requirements.

In fact, most casinos restrict you to wagering on slot machine games for purposes of hitting those wagering requirements.

An average slot machine might have a house edge of more like 5%, which means your expected loss on $9000 worth of action would be $450 — more than you had to start with.

You could still have results that differ from the average, but you’re in a negative expectation situation here rather than a positive expectation situation.

5- Practice with Free Casino Games Online

Another of my favorite casino hacks is to use the free games available online to practice.

Since the games are the same as the ones you’d play for real money, you can get the basics down without investing a single cent of your own money.

Of course, the fun of casino games is the risking of and the possible winning of money.

But knowing how to play the games first can help you avoid costly mistakes.

That’s why practicing with the free games is a great casino hack.

6- Keep a Gambling Diary

You should keep a gambling diary because you might win, and those wins count as taxable income.

In that case, your losses for that calendar year are a legitimate tax deduction.

If you win $5000 in the casino in October, but have a record of having lost $4000 in the 9 months previously, you only pay taxes on the $1000 profit.

That’s just smart, in my book. No one should pay more in taxes than they legitimately owe.

But without records, you can’t claim this deduction.

The other reason to keep a gambling diary is for mindfulness purposes. It’s important to pay attention to how much money you’re losing on your various activities.

Without records, you might lose far more than you think you did.

7- Join the Players Club

I’ve saved one of my best casino hacks for last, and it’s as good an idea in 2019 as ever.

Join the players club.

It’s as easy as going to the desk and filling out a form with your address, phone number, and email address.

The casino will give you a plastic card to insert into the gambling machines or to present to the dealer at the table games you play. They’ll record how much you gamble on that card.

Keep in mind that the casino doesn’t care if you win or lose, either. They make their money by making sure that a lot of players give them a lot of action. The losers pay off the winners in the long run, and the difference is all profit for the casino.

All the casino has to do to make money is keep their players gambling.

They reward you with points based on the number of dollars you’ve wagered. The odds and payouts for these casino games don’t change based on using the card.

You just earn free perks, like cash rebates, free meals, hotel stays, and entertainment tickets.

If you’re going to gamble anyway, go ahead and join the players club to get as much “free” stuff from the casino as possible.


I don’t have any casino hacks which will guarantee that you’ll get rich. These are as close as I can come.

You might have your own set of casino hacks, though — if you do, I’d love to read about them in the comments.

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