What’s a Casino Strategy? (And Why Do You Need One?)

There’s a lot of hype on the internet about different casino strategies. One blog might tout the Martingale strategy for roulette.

Another might give you a list of things to do in a game of craps. 

Casino strategy is all over gambling blogs and online publications because it can make a huge difference in your game.  

This post breaks down casino games and their strategies to their most basic form. I want to clear up any confusion so that you can make the best choices when you go to play your next casino game. 

I am going to get down to basics by defining the following: 

  • What’s a casino? 
  • What’s gambling? 
  • What’s a casino strategy? 

Let’s get back to basics, shall we? 

What’s a Casino? 

A casino is a brick and mortar building that hosts gambling games.

That’s the most basic definition, anyway.

But even that is out of date.

And it’s not an inclusive definition of what a casino is. 

A website that offers casino games is also a casino — it’s known as an online casino. Even the apps you can download to your phone are casinos. And what’s crazy is those apps are just software. 

It’s 2020. This is the age of technology and the internet. The definition of a casino is ever-changing. More versions of the land-based casino are emerging, mostly online. 

You can even find kiosks in the Nevada airports that are officially considered casinos. Casinos are in more places than we have ever seen before.  

In several states, you can find video poker machines in the neighborhood bars.

Guess what?

That video poker machine makes that local bar you love a casino. 

Do you know how your grandma and her friends play bingo every Thursday afternoon?

They’re playing a game for money. That makes Grandma’s bingo hall a casino.

A much more agreeable form of a casino in the USA.

But a casino is a casino. 

About Other Kinds of Casinos

Some establishments offer only one or two games. It might be just poker. These businesses are known as poker rooms or cardrooms.  

Cardrooms don’t offer much outside of card games. Unlike what we think of when you think of the mega-casinos in Vegas, cardrooms are also casinos. 

Ever been to a dog race or a horse race?


Even the prestigious Churchill Downs — where the Kentucky Derby is hosted — is a casino. 

Once I figured out that what I considered a casino actually include so much more, my eyes were open.

Aren’t yours? 

I’m going to concentrate on online casinos for the rest of this post. 

How Do I Pick the Right Casino Game to Play? 

You can discover dozens — even hundreds — of games to play at an online casino.

Just like land-based casinos, some online casinos are better than others.

This is because certain games require less skill to win than the more complicated online casino games. 

Some games are easier to win because the house edge is lower than others.

Some games you have to play longer periods of time to start winning.

It’s all about knowing the games and what the details of the online game are. 

Choosing the right game at an online casino can help further your bankroll, help you have more fun, and have a better overall experience.

How the House Edge Works in Online Casino Games

Let’s look at the house edge, also known as house advantage: 

The house edge is the percentage that the house (casino) is going to win in each round you play — in the long run, as an average.

Say you bet $10.00 on a spin of an American roulette wheel.

The house edge is 5.26%, so, over time, you’re expected to lose about 52 cents on that bet — on average.

Here’s a list of the most popular games and their house edge percentage. A good rule of thumb is to choose the game with the smallest house edge. 

  • European Roulette: 2.70% 
  • American Roulette: 5.26% 
  • Single-Deck Blackjack: 0.50% 
  • 2-Deck Blackjack: 0.78% 
  • 6-Deck Blackjack: 0.91% 
  • 8-Deck Blackjack: 0.97% 
  • Come/Pass Line Bet- Craps:  1.41% 
  • Don’t Come/Don’t Pass Bet- Craps: 1.36% 
  • Any Seven Bet- Craps:  16.67% 
  • Banker Bet- Baccarat:  1.06% 
  • Player Bet- Baccarat:  1.24% 
  • Tie Bet- Baccarat:  14.36% 

Here is more information on how to play the most popular casino games:

How Do I Win Playing Casino Games? 

Back to the title of this post, casino strategy.

Having a good casino strategy is the ultimate way to win at online casinos.

Here are some examples:

In blackjack, basic strategy gives you the best option to play in each hand.

In most other casino games, there’s no strategy other than playing the best bet during the game and managing your bankroll.  

Stay away from betting systems. They just don’t work, mathematically.

Casino games are mostly based on odds.

Odds are numbers and numbers are math.  

You want a casino strategy with time-tested math behind it. I am going to go over time and true casino strategies and betting systems.

But let’s first talk about what gambling is. 

What’s Gambling? 

Gambling is when you bet money on something with an uncertain outcome.

That could be a race, a card game, or a pull of a wheel.

Gambling games can be entirely based on chance, or they might include a skill element. The amount of each varies by game — slot machines are entirely based on chance, while blackjack has a big skill element.

The most stripped-down definition of gambling is betting money on the outcome of anything.

And when I say anything, I mean anything. 

Recently, the COVID_19 virus shut down Vegas and sports.

People were betting on anything from the weather to when their grocery store would restock toilet paper.

Humans love gambling. 

Gambling can be defined differently when it comes to legal terms. Most municipalities (any size, country or city) have a different definition of gambling.  

All these different cities, counties, states, and countries have varying definitions of what constitutes gambling in their governance. You can see that the definition of gambling is broad. 

How Do I Win Gambling Online? 

The age-old question (and dream, to be honest) is to hit the big payout or jackpot when you’re gambling at an online casino.

Who wouldn’t want to start with a small amount of money and leave with their retirement fund?

I do. 

1- Research 

My best advice is to do your research. I always tell new and veteran players to research the game they are thinking about playing.  

Research doesn’t just stop with the type of online casino game you’re going to play. You need to research the online casino you want to play at. 

The best resource to get real player information and feedback on the online casino and the games they offer is on player forums and reviews. That’s an unlimited resource of knowledge. 

2- Be Aware of the House Edge 

Online casinos have a house edge built into most of their games. You can treat this the same as you would the cost of a movie ticket. You pay the movie theater for the ticket so you can watch the movie. 

The House Edge = The Price of Gambling in an online casino. The difference between a movie ticket and the house edge is you can win back what you might lose on the house edge — if you actually play your cards right. 

3- Online Casino Bonuses  

Take advantage of the online casino’s bonus programs and promotions. 

This is free cash in your online casino account. It’s a great way to learn how to play casino games, build your bankroll, and get free play.  

Online casinos don’t have free drinks to draw people to their floor for obvious reasons. They have devised some amazing bonuses to attract new players. Some online casinos even offer no deposit bonuses.  

A no deposit bonus is when an online casino offers (usually to new players) gamblers bonus money without the required deposit.

Free real money is the best money, trust me. 

Make sure to read all the terms and conditions on the casino’s site. These will spell out what the requirements are for wagers and payouts on their bonuses. 

4- Set a Spending Budget 

Money management is key to being successful at online casinos. Money management is key to all casino gambling. 

When I log on to my player account at XYZ Casino, I have already set a budget before I even sit down to my laptop or open a gambling app on my smartphone.

I do this for 4 reasons:

The 1st reason is I like my wife to be happy.

By that, I mean she is not happy if we can’t pay our bills because I didn’t know when to stop playing at an online casino. 

The 2nd reason is I know once I’m behind by X amount, I’m never going to catch up. This is a slippery slope. I always think I’ll win back my losses.

That never happens.  

The 3rd reason is it’s smart. I wouldn’t walk into any other purchasing scenario with no budget. I wouldn’t decide I’m going to go buy a car without a budget. Talk about an angry wife. No thank you. 

And my last and most important reason for knowing when to quit because my budget is spent is that it’s done. I had my fun. I lost some money and learned somethings. It’s time to log off the online casino and enjoy the rest of my life. 

5- Stay Away from Progressive Betting Systems

I’m sure you’ve read a lot about progressive bets or progressive wagers. Some of the more popular ones are the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Hollandish. 

Don’t use a progressive betting system at online casinos

These systems involve using bigger bets after losing a game.

Progressive betting systems win small amounts in the short term, cool.


You’ll most likely lose your whole bankroll if you start losing.

What’s a Casino Strategy? 

A strategy is a careful plan or method.

This is the perfect description of a casino strategy.  

An example of a gambling strategy would be to learn how to play blackjack by memorizing a strategy chart and then testing yourself online in a free practice game.

The 2nd step of this gambling strategy would be to learn how to count cards 

The next step would be to practice counting cards in a blackjack game with your friend. The last step would be to implement these skills into a real online blackjack game.  

This is obviously a basic strategy, but it doesn’t have to be over complicated.

And complicated plans seem to get jammed up in detail. Try to avoid complicated casino strategies.  

There are multiple strategies you can read about online.  

A casino strategy really depends on the gambler and the game. One casino strategy might be great for online poker and a horrible strategy for roulette. 


There’s always more to learn.

That’s one of the things I love about gambling. You can never know too much.

And do your research, read player forums and reviews, know your games and online casino, and most importantly, have a casino strategy. 

I would love here what casino strategies you are using or any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gambling. 

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