Craps Near Me (Play at the Best Casinos in 2023)

How did I start my dice shooting career? It was simple; I looked at the casinos that offered craps near me.

That can look different for each of us, but many will find the right craps games in their own backyard.

When you’re talking about the right craps games in 2023, having a game near you is paramount. Travel has become challenging for several factors, so it’s not always as easy as hopping on a flight.

You can find similar games anywhere you look once you start seeing the best casinos with the best dice games in 2023. There’s always a context to finding the best craps games. For example, the most suitable craps near me are different whether at home or on the road.

However, the principles of what makes for an excellent craps table remain constant.

Why Craps Is Such a Popular Game

Craps is a fantastic casino game because it blends nearly all of the features that make a game unique. Craps tables offer gamblers the chance to huddle around a table and fight the casino as one.

This camaraderie leads to an increased buzz around the tables, and players share success and failure. When a craps table is jamming, and the players are winning, it’s one of the most potent highs a casino gambler can enjoy.

Another reason many players love craps is that the house edge for the most common bets is low. That’s to say, the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets will each have a house advantage below 1.5%.

Craps tables are rocking and rolling when a hot shooter is on a streak; it’s something that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the casino. Unfortunately, a lot of casino newbies avoid the craps table.

These gamblers see the crowds as intimidating and believe they need a secret formula to enjoy craps. Yet, craps is one of the most inclusive games on the planet, and newbies will quickly become well-attuned to the game.

It’s no wonder that a game that is so friendly to the players and offers the most excitement in the casino is a tremendous hit in casinos worldwide.

Craps Near Me in 2023

I’ve got more accessibility to casino craps games than ever before. I live near the massive DFW Metroplex, which means I’ve got great casinos only an hour away.

That wasn’t always the case, and the nearest craps tables were as far away as Louisiana. That made for some excellent road trips with my friends, but gambling four hours from home has disadvantages.

WinStar World Casino recently added craps to their lineup of casino action. Most people would assume that the largest casino in the world has had craps since opening day, but Oklahoma gaming laws prohibited the use of dice. The craps games in California are similar to the craps games offered in Oklahoma. They use playing cards to produce random results instead of dice.

Thankfully, those laws have changed, and Oklahoma’s casino industry is thriving. I’ve spent a lot of money on airline tickets over the years predicated on a long session at the craps tables with friends; now, we can drive north on I-35 for an entire weekend of legitimate casino gambling.

Because of my travel schedule, I’m often in different parts of the country for a week or more at a time. That means that the craps games near me change regularly, but it’s easy to transition between playing in different casinos.

Once you’ve got the basics of betting on the Pass or Don’t Pass, you can play craps for the rest of your life. Given the growing number of U.S.-based casinos offering craps, that makes for a ton of possibilities.

How to Find Craps Near You at the Right Casino

Finding the best craps near you is as straightforward as finding the closest craps table. However, when you’re playing a casino game where players can’t diminish the house edge, you need to focus on having the most entertaining experience possible.

That is primarily targeted to the novice players who don’t focus on odds bets and merely make the standard plays. What you should be focusing on when looking at craps tables is the environment.

Some of that goes to the casino you’re playing in for your craps session. If you’re playing craps in a rundown casino with a dreadful ambiance, the entire experience will be less impressive.

You should find a vibrant casino well suited to your tastes and preferences. Anything less than that will put you on a crash course to leaving the casino with an emptiness in your belly.

However, it’s entirely possible to have an incredible craps session at a casino that’s less than what you had hoped to enjoy. That’s because the essential component of a fantastic craps game is the players themselves.

It would be best if you were on the lookout for a group that’s genuinely enjoying themselves without going overboard. If you land at a table with too many party animals, the game will slow to a crawl as the dealers must constantly keep up with the drunken gamblers.

Craps is a social game, and your fellow gamblers will directly impact the entire experience.

Make the Most of the Craps Tables You Find

Once you find the optimal game, you should make the most of the experience. There are countless systems and strategies that make extravagant promises of profitable sessions.

Sadly, these systems are akin to the snake oil salesman of the past. There’s no reliable way to strip the casino of the advantage of playing craps.

However, you can stick to a simple system of betting on the shooter (via the pass line) or against the shooter (the don’t pass line) and enjoy lengthy sessions where the house edge slowly draws on your chips.

Whether you win or loseis wholly left to chance. Sometimes the numbers all work out in your favor, and you win money.

But regardless of your profits or losses, you’re responsible for your level of enjoyment. Make the most of the craps games near you, and you’ll always be a winner.

The games near me tend to be a mix of novice gamblers and casino veterans. This combination makes the games at the local casinos every bit as exciting as what you get in Las Vegas.

The level of games at your nearby casinos may differ, but all you need is the right group of players to make the session a success.

What to Do When There Are No Viable Craps Game Near You

There are options if you can’t make it to any casinos in your area and play craps. Your most promising alternative may be to plan a trip and enjoy the casino scene in the locale of your choosing.

You could try the impressive casinos in Mississippi, Louisiana, or Nevada to get away for a few days. Try California, where the casinos play craps with a deck of playing cards, if you’re feeling adventurous. (Louisiana is great for roulette games near you, too.)

Taking one of these trips will add costs to your gambling adventure over merely driving to the nearest casino. So, it’s essential to consider your gambling bankroll when searching for a dice game to play in 2023.

Here Are the Best Casinos to Shoot Dice In

Many novice casino gamblers may be curious about finding the best craps games in 2023. Any game can be made great by the players.

Some casinos stand out above the competition, though. Here are a few of my top gambling destinations in the United States and the best casinos for dice games.

In Las Vegas, your options never seem to end. You’ll find dice games in any casino worth visiting from the Strip to Downtown. Here are my favorite Las Vegas casinos for shooting dice:

  • The LINQ
  • The Aria
  • MGM Grand
  • Bellagio

If you’re closer to the  Mississippi casino scene, there are a few casinos that rise to the top. Here are my favorite casinos for shooting dice in Mississippi:

  • Palace Casino Resort
  • Beau Rivage Resort and Casino
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

The next area that draws a lot of my attention is the state of Louisiana. For many years, craps near me meant a several-hour drive to Louisiana casinos.

That has created a nostalgia that still has me making the trip several times a year. In 2023, these are your best casinos in the state:

  • Coushatta Casino Resort
  • Eldorado Resort Casino
  • Horseshoe Bossier City
  • L’Auberge Casino resort

These are a few craps games near me, or I’m often near and enjoy the most. The games near you may be the most enjoyable in an entirely different atmosphere.

When you get to the casino, doing some recon will give you a clear idea of the best tables for your gambling session.


The craps near me are more than enough to get the authentic feel of excitement that the game offers. Finding the proper dice game for 2023 is a matter of personal preference, but you should follow the general guidelines above.

When you’re far away from any viable casino options, the best option may be playing online. You’ll get an identical game at online casinos, but you’ll miss out on the social aspect that makes this the most entertaining game in the casino

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