Fast Payout Casinos Online

If you found this post, you’re probably looking for fast payout casinos online.

I hope to be able to offer you some guidance on the subject.

I’ve been writing about online blackjack, slot machines, and video poker for over 15 years. I know that the most important thing you can think about when choosing an online casino is how fast you can get your winnings.

As this post grows – it’s a work in progress – I’ll include listings for instant withdrawal casinos and the fastest payout casinos online.

No matter what kind of casino game software or banking method you prefer, you’ll find something recommended on this page that should meet your needs.

The Most Important Thing to Think about When Choosing an Online Casino: Withdrawal Speed

Why do I think fast payouts are the most important thing to think about when choosing an online casino?

It’s because the speed at which you can get your money says EVERYTHING about the casino’s business practices.

If a casino won’t send you your money fast, they’re probably not providing fair games, either. Thehy could hardly be considered trustworthy. Heck, you can probably guess that their customer service is going to be awful, too.

Pay no attention to the withdrawal speeds listed on the casino’s website, by the way. Find a site that’s actually tested some casinos and posted their actual turnaround times. With a little research, you’ll soon learn that the claims the casinos make and the actual withdrawal times are often dramatically different.

Also, keep in mind that consistency is critical. If a casino has paid your withdrawals fast every month for a year, that’s terrific. But once you’ve had a bad experience, let that be your red flag.

What You’re Looking for from an Online Casino

When you’re choosing an online casino, you’re looking for a stable company with plenty of money in the bank. If you remember Black Friday in the poker industry, you’ll remember what happened to the poker players’ money.

A lot of it wasn’t in segregated accounts. The poker sites had been using the funds operationally. When they needed to pay everyone at once, they weren’t able to.

Withdrawal speed is a huge clue as to how financially solvent an online casino is. If the casino doesn’t have a lot of money, they’ll be completely unable to pay out quickly.

Good customer service is a must at any online casino, too. I always try to spend some time chatting with the customer service team at a casino before I ever become a customer. You’d be surprised at how abd their attitude can be.

When I’m gambling my hard-earned cash at an offshore gambling site, I expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. You should expect the same.

Casinos that don’t pay off quickly usually have multiple problems, and casinos with multiple problems don’t pay off quickly, either.

What’s a Reasonable Turnaround Time for a Casino Withdrawal Online?

At the best online casinos, you can get your money the day you request it.

But even if it takes 24 hours, that’s a good turnaround time.

Of course, where you’re gambling from makes a difference. If you’re in the United States and deelaing with an offshore gambling site, they face banking hurdles that don’t apply to the rest of the gambling world.

Also, not all deposit and withdrawal methods work from the United States. For example, Neteller and PayPal are both options that are unavailable to United States gamblers.

Sadly, those are the fastest withdrawal methods, too.

But if you’re in a more enlightened country – like Canada or the United Kingdom – where gambling isn’t frowned on as much, you’ll have multiple withdrawal methods available to you.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Your Money?

You have a lot of cashout options at most online casinos. Which ones are best depend a lot on you and your situation.

Here’s an overview of some of the more common methods available:

Online wallets – Remember how I was talking about Neteller and Paypal earlier? Those are examples of online wallets. These aren’t banks; they’re just websites where you can safely store cash and transfer money to and from other users of that online wallet.

Electronic transfers – Besides online wallets, the fastest way to get your money from an online casino is via an electronic transfer. This means of depositing and withdrawing is most popular in Eruopee.

Credit cards – If you deposited using a credit card, the casino will often insist that you withdrawa tat least some of your money via the card you used. They just issue it to you as a credit. This is not as fast as an online wallet or electronic transfer, but it’s one of the faster methods.

Bank wire – This is an old deposit and withdrawal method that used to be super-fast but isn’t so quik anymore. The delay usually has to do with the 2 or 3 days it takes for the funds to hit your account after they’ve been sent by the casino.

You could also ask the casino to send you a check, but if you’re in the United States, good luck finding someplace that will cash such a check. Also, you can expect it to take forever to get to you.

Wouldn’t Bitcoin Be the Fastest Withdrawal Method of Them All?

Yes, Bitcoin is a super-fast way to get money to and from the casino, but it has its own set of problems. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates dramatically all the time.

And it never seems to fluctuate in my favor, if you know what I mean.

But it’s FAST – you can usually get your money within a matter of minutes if you use Bitcion.


If you want a quick litmus test for how good an online casino is, try to find the casinos that offer the fastest payouts.

When all else fails, use Bitcoin.

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