The Best 11 Ways You Can Gamble at Home

When you’re stuck in your apartment because you’re sick or simply don’t have anywhere to go, it can be challenging to find ways to gamble at home.

But there are plenty of ways you can still gamble at home when you can’t leave.

I’ve made a list of 11 ways I’ve gambled at home over the years to share with you. This list covers just about any type of gambling you can think of, and probably includes a few things that you haven’t thought of. One of the upsides of gambling at home is that you usually don’t need as much money as you need when you go to the casino.

1 – Online Casino Gambling Is My Favorite Way to Gamble at Home

The first thing most gamblers think of when they have to gamble from home is online casinos. You can log in from your laptop computer or even a desktop computer if you still use one, and play all of the games you can find at your local casino.

Online casinos offer other benefits that you can’t get when you travel to a casino too. You can get bonuses when you make a deposit, play at your own pace, and the table minimum bets are usually much lower. This means that your bankroll is going to be bigger from a bonus, and last longer because you can make smaller bets.

2 – Mobile Casino Gambling

Another option is to play games at one of the popular mobile casinos on your phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you use an Android device or one made by Apple, you can access most of your favorite casino games on your phone.

If you don’t know where to find the best mobile gambling options, look at the most popular online casinos. Most of them offer a mobile option on their sites. Unlike most apps for mobile devices, the best place to look for casino games isn’t in the app store.

In addition to mobile casinos, you can also access mobile sports betting and mobile poker sites.

3 – Blackjack Home Game

Why not create your own game of blackjack with family and friends? All you need is a deck of cards to get started. You can use chips if you have them, but everyone can use cash to play as well.

And the best thing about putting together a home blackjack game is you can play for any stakes you want. Grab your jar of pennies and use them. You still get the excitement of playing for real money, but no one has to worry about going broke.

You can be the dealer, or you can let everyone take turns dealing. The dealer has a small edge when they deal, so it’s fair to let everyone deal an equal number of hands. When you’re the dealer you collect losing bets and add them to your stack and pay winning bets out of your stack.

4 – Poker Home Game

If you have three or more people you can form a home poker game. Poker games are best with six to 10 players, but you can work with what you’ve got. Texas holdem is popular so most people know how to play, but you can start with something simple like five card draw if you’re working with inexperienced players.

Print out a poker hand rank sheet so everyone knows which hands beat which, and focus on having fun. You can play for any stakes that everyone is comfortable with. We play using pennies for chips at my house when the kids want to play too.

5 – Online Bingo Sites

If you like to play bingo you can find online sites that offer both free and real money play. I know that bingo tends to be a social game, but if you’re stuck at home you can still play.

Most online bingo sites have a robust chat feature so you can visit with other players while you wait for the next number. You get a car or a pack of cards just like when you play in a land based bingo hall and compete for whatever pattern the current game calls for.

If you’ve never played online bingo before, start with a free game to see how everything works. Then you can start playing for real money when you’re ready.

6 – Sports Betting By Phone

You can make sports bets at many online sportsbooks, but you don’t need to use a computer to bet on sports. Many sportsbooks offer an app that makes it easy to find lines and make bets using your phone.

Every mobile sportsbook is unique, so you might want to sign up for a free account at two or three. This way you can find one that has a layout that you like. Once you spend a little time using a platform you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

7 – Toss Quarters

Tossing quarters is a fun way to pass the time when you have two or more people who want to gamble for a small amount. You don’t even have to use quarters. You can use pennies or nickels or dimes.

All you need is come coins and a wall. You make a mark around 10 feet from the wall and take turns tossing a coin at the wall. The person whose coin stops closest to the wall wins the coins tossed in the round.

8 – Online Horse Racing

Horse race betting is one of the few online gambling activities that have specific laws making it legal in most US areas. While you can play at online casinos and poker sites in most of the US, there aren’t specific laws about them in many places.

Sign up at one of the popular online horse racing sites and you can bet on races from around the world. You can bet on thoroughbred races and harness races. And most of the popular sites let you make small bets starting at $1, so you don’t need a big bankroll to get started.

9 – Play Online Poker

Many sites offer online poker, so you don’t have to go to a poker room to play. You can play free online poker or play for real money. If you haven’t played poker online, start at a free table to see how the software works before you make a deposit.

One thing that you should know about online poker is that even if you can play on your mobile device, the screen may be too small for a good experience. I prefer to play on my laptop so I can see the cards and avoid eye strain. If you do want to play poker on a mobile device, consider getting a tablet.

10 – Rummy

Rummy is a fun home card game that most people have played. You can find many different types or variations of rummy, so make sure that everyone knows which variation you’re using and knows the rules.

Most forms of rummy have a scoring system based on points. One of my favorite variations uses 500 points as the goal. The first person to reach 500 points wins.

This makes it easy to turn it into a gambling game. Just agree on how much each point is worth and settle up at the end of the game. If you play for a penny a point and you have 500 and your opponent has 425, you pay the difference of 75 cents after the game.

11 – Spades

Spades is another home card game that many kids play when they’re growing up. Make sure everyone knows how to play and agree to play for a set amount per point. When we play for money we usually play for a penny a point so everyone can afford to play without risking too much money.

But you can play for a higher limit if you want to put more on the line. You can play for a quarter a point, or even a dollar a point. Just don’t make it too high, especially if one or more players aren’t very good at the game.

Confession time:

Spades is one of my favorite ways to gamble at home, too.

Finally – The Best Way to Gamble at Home

It doesn’t matter what type of gambling you enjoy; there’s something on this list that fits your needs. If you like traditional casino games you can play at an online casino. If you enjoy playing poker, check out one of the online poker rooms.

And, if you want to try something different, look at one of the sites that offer horse race betting options or an online sportsbook. And if you’re looking for something to do with friends or family you can turn a family card game into a low stakes contest.

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