The 7 Best Places in Las Vegas to Smoke Cigars in 2023

I was excited when the boss told me he wanted a post about Las Vegas cigars.

Here’s why:

Whether you are taking a once in a lifetime trip or regularly visit Sin City, Las Vegas is about the experience. There are now a few other places around the country where you can gamble. Audiences view great entertainment in large cities every weekend.

But no other city beats the experience offered by Las Vegas.

Where else can you catch some of the biggest names in music performing every week?

How else can you play penny slots and high stakes poker in the same building, on the same night?

In what other cities can you see multiple famous landmarks and people from every country?

Nowhere else on Earth matches the sights, smells, and views from Nevada’s city in the desert.

Another great thing about Vegas is that it has something to accommodate everyone. If you’re a cigar aficionado, the rich smell of quality cigars is part of that experience. What good is staring down your opponents over the poker table if you can’t calmly blow a little smoke?

As smoking gets less popular in the US, some places no longer welcome cigars. Other businesses allow cigar smoking on the premises. They also provide cigar cutters and smoking trays for patrons.

However, if you want the best cigar smoking experiences in Las Vegas, you might need some research.

I’ve done that research for you.

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Here are the 7 best places to smoke cigars in Las Vegas:

1- Las Vegas Cigars Top Pick: Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar

Located at 3200 Las Vegas Blvd, Davidoff of Geneva has been standing since 1911. With more than 1500 square feet, they offer the highest-quality cigars, wine, and spirts. The facility boasts classic indoor decor and an outside lounge area right near the Strip. The unique circular building sits in the shadow of hotels like Wynn, Encore, Venetian, and Palazzo.

Found inside the Fashion Show Mall, they offer the perfect environment to enjoy your cigar and drinks with friends. The expansive humidor has an unparalleled selection of the best cigars in the world. They also have an impressive selection of scotch and whiskey.

If you’re new to the cigar experience, the staff is patient and knowledgeable. They can tailor your smoking experience to your specific tastes.

Their website offers a Davidoff Insiders mailing list for specials. You can also reserve the bar for private parties up to 125 people. Like many of the most popular Las Vegas businesses, reservations might be recommended.

2- En Fuego Cigars & Lounge

Owned by people and cigar lover Michael Obdoulah, En Fuego is the place for new friends. Located at 328 W Sahara Ave, the facility is the laughing face of the Las Vegas cigar scene. They have an extra-large humidor with a huge variety of world-renown brands. Don’t forget to try their own custom brand. Enjoy watching the onsite professional blend and hand-roll cigars.

The lounge area is spacious and features comfortable leather smoking chairs. Relax and watch the game on the large screen TVs. Your comfort is their mission, with 4 powerful air cleaners and a large exhaust fan. With the Vegas location near the Strip, this will quickly become one of your favorite places.

Can’t make it to Las Vegas?

Join in on the fun with their regular podcasts. They also have a Youtube channel with videos showing off the facility and friendly staff.

If you’re in the area but want to host your own event, contact them for The Art of Cigar Making. For more than two decades they have been providing personal hand-rolling services at your location.

3- Montecristo Cigar Bar

Part of the world-famous Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, the Montecristo is a location for nightlife. Nominated in Playboy’s Best Bars 2016 Awards, they specialize in cigar and spirit pairings. As one of the premier smoking locations in Las Vegas, they offer brands like H. Upmann, Romeo Y Julieta, and Padron. They’re also proud of their own Montecristo brand cigars offered onsite.

Boasting one of the largest humidors in Vegas, they are guaranteed to have your favorites. The 208-inch video wall is one of the best places in the world to watch the biggest sporting events. Breathe freely with the large 4000 square foot facility with cutting edge ventilation. They offer multiple smoking experiences, including lounges and gaming areas. Intimate private parties can reserve the Vault Room. The room features private dinners by Old Homestead Steakhouse.

For the ultimate cigar and alcohol experience, recommendations include:

  • Avion 44 Tequila with a Padron 1964 Torpedo Maduro
  • Louis XIII By Remy Martin Cognac with an Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado
  • Caesars Palace Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select with an Ashton Symmetry Prism

4- Cigarbox

Not everyone wants to smoke in a huge party. If you’re looking for a more relaxed environment, you want the Cigarbox at 4046 Dean Martin Drive. Celebrating twenty years, they specialize in providing a friendly comfortable environment. Select your stogie and sit at restaurant-style tables or leather smoking chairs. Enjoy your favorite scotch blend or single malt, or try the craft beers.

While others focus on the extras, Cigarbox created the best smoking experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. From the moment you walk in you are treated like a friend of the family. There is no pretention behind their business plan. They know their cigars and they will make sure you enjoy your experience.

The online reviews reveal a great environment with some of the best cigars in town. They are military-friendly, and the owner Jason is always friendly.

5- La Casa

La Casa Las Vegas is a place for live music and fine hand-rolled cigars. They regularly feature national and local musicians from genres like jazz, R&B, and salsa. With two other locations in Michigan, owner Ismail Houmani understands cigar lovers.

Houmani drew inspiration from his childhood memories of Southern Lebanon’s tobacco fields. He created an experience around great cigars, good friends, and wonderful music. Relying on specialty growers in Central America, his bar sometimes feels uniquely Cuban. The members-only VIP lounge feels like the perfect room for comfortably networking powerbrokers.

In addition to the music, La Casa’s other claim to fame is the 20 Minute cigar. In response to a patron indicating he did not have time for a cigar, Houmani had a notion. He instructed his rollers to make a batch of his hand-rolled cigars and then cut them to half-length. His guess was right. In almost no time his 20 Minute cigars became his highest sellers.

6- Helios Cigar Lounge

Calling itself the best-kept secret in Las Vegas, this one might be optimal for beginners. The front room in Helios is brightly sunlit, with an open-air decor. Comfortable leather chairs are perfectly arranged in small group conversation circles. Located off the beaten path in a more quiet area of Las Vegas, this is the place for an afternoon smoke among friends.

Boasting more than a hundred premium cigar brands, they are also the place for a quick purchase. They offer a wide variety of smoking products, including lighters, humidors, and cutters. For the pipe smokers out there, you can also pick up pipe related products including tobacco. Unwind a bit with your friends watching the game on large screen TVs or check email with free WiFi.

They may not be the largest place in town, but they are a great choice for a relaxing smoke among friends. New smokers will find their friendly staff invaluable for choosing the best experiences.

7- Vato Cigars

Nestled inside Binion’s Casino, Vato Cigars feels like the ultimate small cigar business. Created by Paul and Sarah Vato, they offer a warm welcome and familiarity to all customers. You will love the unique flavor profiles they offer and the friendly atmosphere.

Ironically, Paul began selling cigars in the early 90s from his ice cream shop in Illinois. That initial dairy business must have left its mark because his cigars are all about flavor. They take pride in offering a large selection of unique blends you can only find at Vato. All private blends are made in the USA. Here are a couple of the most interesting sounding signature creations:

Las Vegas Blend

Smooth and full of flavor, this blend is the best of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and the USA. You will notice a hint of leather, oak, and rose.

Kansas Blend

Honoring Sarah’s family legacy, the Kansas Blend is double wrapped in Connecticut Shade and Ecuadorian Dark. As the highest-selling cigar, it has a nice complex flavor.


Truthfully, compared to many other cities, Las Vegas is a haven for cigar lovers. The above list barely scratches the surface. If you visit Las Vegas, be sure to check these places out, and let me know if you find others. For those that can’t visit Vegas, most of these places allow purchases over the internet.

Happy Smoking!

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