Where Is the Lowest Minimum Deposit Sportsbook?

If you’re breaking into the world of online sports betting, you probably have a lot of questions. “Where is the lowest minimum deposit sportsbook” is a common inquiry.

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Most newbie sports bettors are concerned with mitigating their risks. These gamblers could be on the fringes of diving into sports betting but aren’t comfortable with the entire process.

Much of the uncertainty felt by prospective online sports bettors can get extinguished by learning the steps to find the most trusted sites. But you can avoid that work by coming here for the lowest minimum deposit sportsbooks.

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The Best Method for Making Low Deposits at the Sportsbook

Gamblers have two primary options for making deposits at online sportsbooks. The first option that bettors can choose is the standard debit or credit card.

When you make an initial deposit at one of the lowest minimum deposit sportsbooks with a credit card, the money becomes available instantly. You can then begin making your first wagers with the funds in your account.

For an even more convenient option, using an e-wallet like Skrill or PayPal will have the funds available in the same timeframe. However, making a withdrawal cuts the processing time by more than half.

Some sites won’t allow bonuses to be claimed through e-wallet deposits. So, be sure to cover the terms and conditions before making your deposit using an e-wallet.

Tips for Finding Bonuses with Low Deposits

One of the easiest methods for growing a small bankroll is deposit hunting. The basic premise for building your bankroll this way is to sign up for a low deposit site offering a bonus, clear the terms and conditions, and then move that money to a new location.

You’ll find some annoyances with this method, as jumping from site to site takes time and energy. However, it’s a great way to leverage the bonus system to your advantage.

The deposit bonuses vary, so you should match your deposits to the site. For example, some sites will offer a simple matching bonus of 100%.

However, other sites will make a match of up to 300% on qualifying deposits. Also, you should consider the wagering requirements of all offers.

One of the biggest mistakes uninformed sports bettors make is to ignore the wagering requirements and try to pull their funds out early. That can wreak havoc on the withdrawal process and erase some of the wins you snagged to that point.

So, never deposit any amount without a clear picture of what it takes to hold up your end of the bargain.

1 – DraftKings – $5 Minimum Deposit

DraftKings is a trusted brand that offers sports bettors one of the lowest minimum deposits for online sportsbooks. Punters can make a $5 deposit and get to the action without further delay.

The site offers a nice deposit bonus of up to $1,000, but you’ll need the deposit to match. Still, making a smaller deposit will allow you to double your adequate bankroll instantaneously.

That’s an incredible benefit when you’re already operating with limited funds. The ability to make such a small deposit means you’ll never have to sit a game out because you can’t find the required funds.

2 – UniBet – $5 Minimum Deposit

UniBet may not be as familiar with U.S.-based punters, but the company has a reputable history in Europe. The $5 minimum deposit at UniBet is in the range for receiving the 100% matching deposit from the site.

But that’s not the only promotion the site offers new guests. The site also offers a 50% risk-free bet to new accounts.

So, you can make your first wager and feel secure in the knowledge that even if you lose, the site will refund half your stake. Preferably, you’ll win, and the offer will negate itself.

3 – PointsBet – $5 Minimum Deposit

PointsBet claims to be the fastest growing online sportsbook in the U.S. When you consider the amazing promotions and the celebrity endorsements, it may be just that.

PointsBet has a $5 minimum deposit and plenty of offers to keep gamblers coming back time and again.

PointsBet offers two risk-free bets for new accounts of up to $2,000. That allows sports bettors to make two individual wagers of up to $2,000 without any fear of losing a single penny.

4 – WynnBet – $10 Minimum Deposit

Wynn is one of the most trusted names in the casino industry. WynnBet does not disappoint, and the site’s $10 minimum bet means bettors won’t have to break the bank to enjoy their favorite passion.

WynnBet offers live betting, same game parlays, and free sports bets, to name a few of its perks. The site also allows bettors to buy points to increase their odds of winning their latest wager.

Most gambling pundits will advocate that you mustn’t ever buy points, but I never say never. Buying points at the right time could produce a tremendous value and lead to massive rewards when done right.

5 – FanDuel – $10 Minimum Deposit

FanDuel needs no introduction. The leader in DFS has spread its wings and is a legitimate sports betting operation. The site has a $10 minimum deposit which isn’t the lowest but well within the comfort zone for most bettors.

The promotions from FanDuel are getting updated weekly, so it’s best to check the site for the latest offers when you’re ready to move forward in your sports betting journey.

You’ll find a range of offers covering everything from DFS to sports betting to casino games. Sports bettors should stick with choosing the best offers to match their needs.

6 – BetRivers – $10 Minimum Deposit

BetRivers gives new accounts up to $250 in free money merely for creating an account and making a deposit. For gamblers making the minimum $10 deposit, you’ll enjoy a $10 bonus.

That doesn’t sound like much, but considering the sportsbook’s slight edge, it can make a significant difference. Customers at BetRivers enjoy daily specials with improved lines for the gamblers.

If you use these offers to get the most bang for your gambling buck, you can turn that initial $20 into a sum of more value in a hurry.

7 – BetMGM – $10 Minimum Deposit

BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the leaders in online sports betting. The site offers a free first bet of up to $1,000 to new customers, which is a tremendous opportunity to flip your bankroll to a much higher figure.

BetMGM was one of the first online sportsbooks in the U.S. to accept e-wallet deposits, and the withdrawal process is a snap. The $10 minimum deposit is the perfect amount to get you in action without too much risk.

Try BetMGM Sportsbook, and you may be reluctant to make a change when you’re ready to make another deposit. This sports betting site has everything gamblers want and a few perks you never knew you needed.

8 – Bovada – $10 Minimum Deposit

Bovada is a household name in sports betting circles for a good reason. The site has been in operation since the first online sportsbooks opened their doors and have an immaculate track record as dependable.

Gamblers can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $250, and you’ll never struggle to find a game or line that piques your interest.

Bovada is all about that crypto and offers $4,500 in bonuses with a matching deposit. Gamblers with bitcoin in the hopper could instantly add a considerable stake to their bankroll.

But the site will give you the same unique features with a minimum deposit of $10.

Be sure to read about whether Bovada is legal in the United States, too.

9 – Bet365 – $10 Minimum Deposit

Bet365 has one of the lowest minimum deposit sportsbooks with a $10 barrier to entry. However, once you’re in, the rewards are exceptional.

Betting as little as $1 can earn you up to $200 in free bets with the site. But the more impressive aspect is the frequency with which the site rolls out free bets to gamblers.

You’ll regularly see free $20 wagers on games selected by the sportsbook. Savvy bettors can quickly boost their bankroll at Bet365 and move on to another lucrative bonus.

But with so many freebies rolling your way, it may be in your best interest to stick around and maximize the freebies.

10 – Caesars Sportsbook – $10 Minimum Deposit

Caesars Sportsbook is poised to become the leader in online sports betting in the U.S. The $10 minimum deposit will get you instant access to one of the most extensive networks of games with serviceable lines anywhere.

Caesars has already partnered with the NBA and judging by the number of commercials that ran during the 2021 NFL season; there’s something in the works there too.

Caesars offers bettors a 100% matching bonus as a welcome gift and will make additional concessions to keep you a loyal customer well into the future.


The next time someone asks, “Where is the lowest minimum deposit sportsbook?” You can confidently direct them to one of the ten online sportsbooks with minimum deposits ranging from $5 to $10.

You don’t need to stretch yourself thin to bet on sports. But you should always put good bankroll management skills at the forefront of your priorities.

Also, be sure to check out this detailed guide to sports betting in the United States.

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