Online Blackjack- What Makes it Different

Online blackjack.

You see the ads for it all the time.

What is online blackjack?

Can you win playing online blackjack?

And what makes it different from land-based casino blackjack?

I’ve got your answers to these questions and what to look for in an online blackjack casino in this post:

Why the Shift from Land-based Blackjack to Online Blackjack?

It seems everyone is shifting from land-based casinos to online casinos. This is especially true since the global COVID-19 pandemic.

But this trend started long before the virus.

Online casino revenues are up to $45.8 billion worldwide. That’s substantial.

Mega land-based casinos aren’t going anywhere, though. They have a global revenue of $450 billion.

As the world adjusts to a new reality and technology advances, more players are moving from the long weekend visit to Vegas to a short visit to their laptop or smartphone.

I love playing internet blackjack because I can play against the computer, or I can play a live dealer game from the comfort of my home. I get to listen to my music, take a break and walk in the kitchen for a snack or beer, sleep in my own bed, and best of all — have dinner with my wife.

What Are the Differences between Online Blackjack and Traditional Casino Blackjack?

There are quite a few obvious differences between online blackjack and those games played at a table in a brick and mortar casino. The glaring differences are that online blackjack and land-based blackjack are played in 2 different settings altogether.

Online blackjack is designed to replicate the land-based casino experience — but with programming and software. The online casinos have gotten close, but they’ll never be able to give them in-person experience like you can find in Atlantic City.

Some people claim that this version of  blackjack will never be able to compete with the brick and mortar experience. Still, online blackjack has superiorities that in-person casinos can’t even compete with.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

Online blackjack is played via an online casino with the software on its website powered by a random number generator (RNG). This same programming has been used in slot machines and video poker for years. It’s a trusted and safe, and completely random program.

Online blackjack casinos are usually audited by 3rd parties to ensure the fairness of their RGNs. Some of those companies are GamCare and Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Look for certificates posted on the online casino’s “About” page from these companies. Another “seal” to look for is eCOGRA. eCOGRA is an industry watchdog group that regulates online casinos and their games.

Some blackjack gamblers simply don’t enjoy online blackjack because they miss the comradery of the in-person experiences and don’t like the simulated look of virtual blackjack tables.

Don’t let this opinion persuade you away from playing online blackjack. There are tons of advantages to playing online blackjack that I will cover shortly.

You can start playing online blackjack in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create an account with the online casino you want to play
  2. Deposit money into your account
  3. Start playing online blackjack

Make sure you understand the online casino’s blackjack rules and regulations.

Learn as much as you can before you start playing online blackjack.

What Are the Advantages of Playing Online?

Online casinos have more versions of blackjack than you could imagine. The many betting options, side bets, alternative 21 rules give you an expanded experience.

Playing blackjack with software lets, you track your wins and losses played way better than the brick and mortar experience. Not only that, it’s much easier to stay within your gambling budget when you play online.

Players can see how many hands you have lost, won, and where your deposit standing is. This will help you adjust your online blackjack strategy and hopefully win more money.

Blackjack online also has welcome bonuses. The online casinos don’t just have VIP and bonus programs for slots and video poker. They often have a fleshed-out bonus program for blackjack players too.

Like I’ve already said, my favorite thing about internet blackjack is not having to book a vacation to play. I like the comforts of my own space. Online blackjack allows me these things.

These are just a few of the advantages of online blackjack vs. land-based casino blackjack.

Online Blackjack House Edge

Generally, the house edge is lower online than in brick and mortar casinos. The competition to attract players to their own online casinos is fierce. Like I mentioned in my online slots post, the online casino arena is oversaturated.

You’ll see new casinos pop up every day. Outside of new player welcome bonuses offered at online casinos, their biggest marketing draw is their low house edge.

The online casinos know that if you’re not having luck playing blackjack at their site, you can simply click away and find 100s of other sites to give your money to. They don’t have as much of a captive audience as the land-based casinos do.

I always research player forums and reviews before I pick a casino to play online. The forums and reviews are a goldmine of knowledge and experience from other players. You can never be too well-informed.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Do you still want the live blackjack experience when you play online blackjack?

Try live dealer blackjack at an online casino. This is one f the most popular ways to play online casino blackjack.

It’s also their bread and butter. This is because of the popularity of players.

Live dealer online blackjack is literally played live on your screen. The game is live-streamed through the online casino’s site.

Most live dealer games are streamed from casinos in the USA, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Asia. This is a huge advantage because they can accommodate almost all language needs.

The dealers’ studios are managed by large online gaming companies’ licensing and software. Some of the bigger ones include PlayTech, Evolution Gaming, and Net Entertainment.

Many of the dealers are female to attract more players. Women feel comfortable playing against female dealers and men; well, I don’t think I have to spell that out for you.

Live dealer blackjack games at online casinos tend to offer just a few major types of games instead of the variety found in the RNG games.

Another cool thing about live dealer blackjack games is that you can talk to the dealer or even the live pit boss if you have a question or problem during the hand.

Pretty cool, huh?

And, the camera stays on the table the whole time.

My brother is painfully shy but an excellent blackjack player. He blows it every time at a land-based blackjack hand. Online live dealer blackjack is his sweet spot.

Playing Online Blackjack Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are the number 1 strategy online casinos use to get players to start playing on their site. There are various bonuses you can use to pad your deposits and even play blackjack for free.

Every kind of online casino bonus has its unique benefits and rules. Let’s look at the different types of online casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are offers for new players to get their bankroll going and get the player involved in the casino’s online blackjack games. This type of bonus is also sometimes the same as a new player bonus or signup bonus.

It is the most popular type of bonus. The welcome bonuses are usually around $100.

I would advise you to go over the terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb because bonuses with higher amounts like this have playing requirements tied to them.

This amount is often broken into smaller amounts over a time period and not paid all upfront. These types of bonuses can also be split out into match bonuses or percentage bonuses.

Percentage Bonuses

Percentage bonuses can vary because of the dollar amount of the deposit and are between 50-500%. An even match to your deposit is a match bonus.

Match bonuses essentially match the amount you have deposited. Let’s say you deposit $100.00. The casino has a match bonus of 50%. So for every dollar you deposit, in this case, $100.00, they will match 50 cents. So they will match your deposit of $100.00 with a $50.00 deposit. If it’s a 330% match, then they would match your $100.00 with an additional $300.00.

You get the idea, and it’s a great one to take advantage of.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is to keep you reloading your account to keep you playing online blackjack. It is much like the welcome bonus and is usually up to a 100% match, giving you free plays towards your deposit.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is when an online casino does not require you to make a deposit to play. No deposit bonuses are amazing because you get free plays with nothing out of your pocket. The online casino will add money to your account just for playing.

Read the terms and conditions on these as they can be somewhat complicated.

Preferred Deposit Bonus

A preferred deposit bonus is when the online casino deposits extra money into your player account when you chose to use you’re their preferred type of electronic payment.

The reasoning behind this is that they have a deal with the electronic payment provider that gives them a break on the processing fees. In return for choosing to use their preferred electronic payment method, they usually give back a 5-15% bump to your account.

You should know that some casino advertises that their preferred deposit bonus is up to $3,000.00. This does not mean if you deposit any money into your account with their preferred online payment method that you will automatically receive $3,000.00. The online casino also has a ma limit of 15% preferred deposit bonus of 15%. You would have to deposit $20,000.00.

This is a good example of why it is so important to read the online casino’s terms and conditions. Do your research before playing any online casino.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are for players who frequent the online casino over a long time frame and have received a certain status. Essentially, the higher your status, the more of these types of bonuses the online casino will offer.

Loyalty bonuses aren’t available for new players for obvious reasons. It is a great incentive to keep playing at an online casino you have had luck at, though.

High Roller Bonuses

The larger your deposit, the higher your bonuses are going to be. This is a high roller bonus. The online casinos want you to deposit and play with as much odd your money, and not theirs. As you can imagine, these bonuses are very generous and offer generous amounts of bonus deposits.

As you can tell, there are several options when it comes to playing bonuses. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and know what you are doing.

Other Tips for Playing Online Blackjack

Here are some other posts I have written about playing online blackjack and the online casinos that offer the game:


As you can see, there is a lot of fun (and money) when playing online blackjack. I encourage you to do your research, play bonuses, and avoid trying out live dealer online blackjack games.

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games for a reason. Just remember to know when to fold ‘em.

I would love to hear your feedback and your experiences playing online blackjack. Was it with a live dealer? Did you like the simulated experience of an RGN game?

Please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gambling.

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