Online Craps vs. Land-Based Casino Craps

Craps is a well-known game, but online craps is just a fun as land-based casino craps. The online version has some slight variations.

Craps because popular with the soldiers in World War II, who learned to play the street version. The soldiers brought over their newfound game and it eventually made its way to the gaming tables of Vegas.

Enter the online casinos. Modern-day craps players no longer must go through the effort of booking a trip to a gambling destination like Atlantic City or Vegas to play this beloved game.

Let’s look at the differences between online craps and brick and mortar craps.

House Edge Is the Same

One of the disadvantages of playing craps in a land-based casino is that there is a higher house edge than other games, like blackjack. Blackjack usually has a house edge of around 1% higher than an online game of blackjack.

Craps is a different story. The house edge is the same online and traditional casino carps. A pass line wager has a 1.41% house edge no matter where you play.

Online Craps and High Odds Bets

I just talked about the house edge not varying between land-based and online. Land-based craps games allow you to have better odds of winning because of odds bets.

An odds bet will payout at your true odds of winning. You’re able to place these wagers behind the pass line or don’t pass bet once the point number has been set.

An odds wager won’t lower the house edge on a pass line or don’t pass line, but it will reduce the house edge on your all-round wagering.

If you are confused, you should read this step by step guide on how to play craps.

Continuing, an odds bet is especially important when the casino allows you to wager larger odds.

Online casinos don’t usually allow bigger odds wagers. The highest I’ve seen for a craps odds bet is 3X. Some brick ad mortar casinos will et you bet up to 10x, even 100x odds.

What’s It Like to Play Online Craps

There are several differences between playing online craps and a land-based casino’s game. The most obvious difference is that online game is played online. But this can be a huge comfort.

You don’t have to go out of town, even for a day trip, to play online carps. Play in your pajamas if you want. No one will know.

My favorite difference in online craps is there are no lines and you have privacy. That is something you will not see at an online experience.

Online craps still plays by the same rules just in a virtual setting.

How Do I play Online Craps?

Here is basics on how to get started playing online craps:

Sign Up for a New Player Account

As a new online player, you’ll need to register for an account. This is a fairly easy task.  You’ll need to (usually) give your basic information like name, date of birth, email, etc. for verification reasons.

Most legit casinos will require you to confirm your information via email. Be sure to have easy access to the email you give to the online casino. Once you have completed the verification step you are almost ready to start playing.

Depositing Money

Open your account is set up you should visit the “cashiers” page where you will find the options for setting up your banking options. The best casinos offer multiple trustworthy options for making deposits and withdraw.

You’ll find payment methods like major credit cards, e-Wallets (my favorite is online PayPal accounts), cryptocurrencies, direct bank account links, and prepaid cards.

A note about directly linking your bank account and using major credit cards. Linking your bank account can be dangerous for many reasons. Security should be a concern you have with playing with either one.

Both payment forms can put you in a tight place if you overindulge your time and money spent. Traditional credit card companies will charge you the same APR for using your card at a casino because it is treated the same as a cash advance. Be careful.

I encourage you to research more on the best banking options for playing online casinos. As I already mentioned, my online PayPal account is my preferred way to bank with casinos.

Locating the Right Game

When you are on the casino’s website, go to the page for games and look for craps. Chose the craps option and wait for the game to open. You’ll be put in the game and you can start playing once the round (bet) is finished.

Withdrawing Your Online Craps Winnings

Once you’ve played (and hopefully won some money) you exit the game. You’ll now be returned to the online casino’s “lobby”. If you’ve had your share of playing online craps and are ready to cash out your winnings, proceed to the cashier page where you made your earlier deposit(s).

You’ll begin a withdrawal request. Much like depositing money into your account, you’ll choose your preferred payment option to receive your real money winnings.

Online PayPal payments are also my choice for receiving my payouts from online casinos.

Play Low Minimum Bets

Online craps tables offer some of the most affordable minimum bets. Some online casinos even have a minimum of $1.00 starting bets. Most online casinos start at $3.00 for their minimum bet for online craps.

If you’re anything like me, you like to place several bets during one round. Online craps gives players like us the opportunity to place multiple bets and not break the bank.

Play Online Craps for Free

One huge pro of playing online craps is you can literally play for free. If you are a player that really enjoys the thrill of playing, most online casinos offer demo-mode or free play games.

You are given play money to bet with at their online craps games. Of course, you will not win any real money but this is for fun. Not to retire on.

The reasoning behind this is to give players a “taste” of what it would be like to play the casino’s online craps game with real money. The casino ultimately wants you to make a deposit and start playing with your money.

This is also an excellent way to practice your online craps game without the stress of losing money in the process.

Online Craps is Fast-Paced

In the online crap environment, you lose the excitement of playing against other humans and seeing their reactions and hearing their cheer. But, hear me out, you also aren’t bogged down in ho slow us humans can be.

Online craps has a huge advantage over brick and mortar craps games because there is no lag time. You control the pace of the game.

You will still be required to will make your bets before the roll of the dice. There is less time being eaten up by in-person reactions once the dice are thrown.

The online craps’ software is fast on showing the outcome of your throw and make payouts or take losing chips on the fly. This advantage gives you the ability to play each roll in seconds.

Online Craps and Bonuses

Online casinos don’t usually include craps in their bonus and promotional programs because of the low house edge. Make sure and read about the online casino’s loyalty program to see if they do include craps in their offerings.

Online Craps is Convenient

The best point in playing online craps is the convenience. You can play from your laptop, iPad, or tablet. Or your smartphone. Live in remote Wyoming? DO]o you have an internet connection? No problem, you have easy access to 1000s of online  games.

I really do enjoy playing online craps, as well as other online casino games, because there is little to no effort in login on to an online game. When I play Vegas it’s a whole process before I even hit the casino floor.

I must check with my wife to see if she wants to go. Are there shows at the casino we are staying at? Where are we going to stay? Book a flight. Book a house sitter. I also must decide what land-based casinos I have comps at to get a good deal on our hotel room.

See what I am getting at? My wife doesn’t care when I play online. If I don’t blow our savings, its not any skin off anyone’s back.

If you have read any of my other posts about online gaming you will know I like my bed, I like sleeping in my bed. I can do this with online craps. It’s no different than playing Angry Birds on my phone.

It’s convenient and I can’t sell it any other way.

Other Tips for Playing and Winning Online Craps

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Online craps has its pros and cons. Some people like the traditional version and some people like the convenience of online option. Either way craps is fun, it just depends on the experience you’re looking for.

I personally like land-based casino craps and online the same. They both have their own set of advantages.  As much as I love Vegas and Atlantic City, I can’t always make it there. If I did, I would be broke.

So instead I have really come to love online craps and it’s obvious conveniences. I can play a couple of throws, help my kid with her homework, make dinner, and watch a movie with my wife. But the best reason I play online? I can sleep in my own bed, all in one night.

I would love to hear your thoughts on online craps vs. land-based casino craps. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question below. Happy gambling.

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