What Happens if an MLB Game Rains Out?

What Happens When a MLB Baseball Game Rains Out?
My wife is a new baseball fan. It’s an exciting time, because it means I get to answer lots of good fundamental questions about the game. The other day she asked me what happens if an MLB game rains out. It turns out the answer to that question is really interesting and brings up a lot of good basic points about the game that I think are important. In this post, I answer that question, and also provide some thoughts from an MLB bettor’s perspective. This information probably won't help Read more [...]

Asian Stud in 2022 (How Do You Play Asian Stud?)

How to Play Asian Stud (Playing Cards Header Image}
I’ve noticed a lot more questions and search queries about Asian Stud in 2022. “How do you play Asian Stud?” is become one of my more common poker questions, along with who goes first in poker and how does the casino make money from poker. This post talks all about how to play Asian Stud. In 2022, you’re probably starting to see Asian Stud games popping up in your area casinos. The game is spreading from the Seattle-area casinos where it premiered. Learn the rules of Asian Stud and Read more [...]

Real Money Online Gambling Sites in the USA (Best 2022 Apps)

The Real Money in Real Money Online Gambling Sites
Finding real money online gambling sites in the USA is easier than ever. That's because big changes to state and federal gaming laws mean more options for people who want to play games of chance online. This post serves as a guide to real money online gambling in the USA. So, I’ve included guides to American online gambling law, joining an online casino, and making deposits and withdrawals. Toward the end of the post, I’ll identify the best 2022 real money online gambling apps, giving each Read more [...]

Where Is the Lowest Minimum Deposit Sportsbook?

Online SPorts Betting - Where Is the Lowest Minimum Deposit Sportsbook?
If you're breaking into the world of online sports betting, you probably have a lot of questions. "Where is the lowest minimum deposit sportsbook" is a common inquiry. Depending on where in the United States you live, you might want to check out my post about the best offshore betting sites. Not all the books listed in this post take players from every state, but the offshore sites generally serve anyone. Most newbie sports bettors are concerned with mitigating their risks. These gamblers could Read more [...]

Is Sports Betting Rigged? (Are Professional Sports Games Fixed?)

Super Bowl Trophy with Cash - Is Sports Betting Rigged? (Are Professional Sports Games Fixed?)
Is sports betting rigged? Are professional sports games fixed? You’ll have many opposing views depending on who you ask and when you ask them. You’ll hear sports bettors in casinos across the country crying foul on any given day. The sport seems inconsequential, and disillusioned fans claim games are rigged as it suits their narrative. But most of the wailing you hear in the sportsbook or local bar are cries of a loser. It CAN feel like sports betting is rigged against you. Merely Read more [...]

Craps Near Me (Play at the Best Casinos in 2022)

3 Dice - Craps Near Me
How did I start my dice shooting career? It was simple; I looked at the casinos that offered craps near me. That can look different for each of us, but many will find the right craps games in their own backyard. When you're talking about the right craps games in 2022, having a game near you is paramount. Travel has become challenging for several factors, so it's not always as easy as hopping on a flight. You can find similar games anywhere you look once you start seeing the best casinos Read more [...]

Blackjack Near Me (US Casinos with Table Games in 2022)

Cards and Casino Chips for Blackjack Near Me
If you’ve ever asked the question, “Where can I find blackjack near me” this post is for you. Today we’ll cover how to find the best blackjack tables in 2022. I spend a lot of my time traveling to different parts of the world. I know many of you also have heavy travel requirements due to the nature of your careers. Many of you are even lucky enough to travel extensively for pure leisure. Still, even the most demanding travel schedules can leave plenty of time for leisure activities. Finding Read more [...]

When Is the Best Time to Gamble on Slot Machines in 2022?

Clock- when Is the Best Time to Play Slots?
Gambling is full of players who have contrasting opinions on anything you can imagine. For every player telling you that the only way to play craps is betting the pass line, you’ll have someone telling you the don’t pass line is the way to bet. And they'll both have different answers to the question, when is the best time to gamble on slot machines? Slot machines are no strangers to myths, misinformation, and superstition. There are thousands of opinions on how players should enjoy slots. Many Read more [...]

Do Gambling Winnings Count as Earned Income in 2022?

5, 10, an 1 Dollar Bills - Does Cash From Gambling Winnings Count as Income?
Rarely does a casino gambler consider what happens following a significant casino score. They may spend hours dreaming about spending their new money, but they aren't inclined to weigh the financial implications. They need to ask themselves, do gambling winnings count as earned income? I've spoken to several gamblers through the years who were dismayed by the final amount of their jackpot win. These casino patrons never weighed the outside influences that would later impact their vast success. It Read more [...]

7 Ways to Win at Blackjack in 2022 (Even if You’re a Beginner)

7 Ways to Win at Blackjack (Even if You're a Beginner)
If you love casino games, you probably win at blackjack, at least some of the time. And blackjack offers the best odds of walking away from the table a winner. You measure how good or bad the odds are at a casino game by the house edge. The higher  the house edge, the worse the game is for the player. Roulette, for example, has a house edge of 5.26%. This means that in the long run, the casino expects to win $5.26 for every $100 you wager on the game. The house edge in blackjack is only 0.5%. Read more [...]