How Online Casino Bonuses Work (The Basics for 2022)

How Online Casino Bonuses Work
If you're brand-new to online casino gambling, you probably wonder about how online casino bonuses work. Every time you visit an internet casino, you see promises of free money just for signing up. But how do the casinos stay in business giving away free money to new depositors? It's  easier than you might think. This post has been completely update for 2022. How Online Casino Bonuses Work Explained The basic idea behind an online casino bonus is this: You make your first deposit. Read more [...]

How to Tell if a Slot Machine Is Ready to Pay

How do you tell which slot machine is ready is to pay in a row
If you knew how to tell when a slot machine was ready to pay out, you would have an incredible superpower. The wealth you could amass from knowing exactly when to bet on which machine would be not just life-changing but world-changing, a windfall so large you’d immediately have an outsized influence on world events. If your mind could interpret slot machine patterns and guide you toward the game that’s due for a big hit, you’d be the most popular guy on the casino floor. So long as the casinos Read more [...]

How Do Casinos Make Money on Poker?

How do casinos make mone off poker card games and chips
When you play most games in a casino, the casino makes money from the house edge. But how do casinos make money on poker? The question isn’t difficult to answer, but it is complicated. The answer depends on what type of poker game you’re playing. Here's the good news: By the end of this post, you’re going to know what the different types of poker games are. You'll also know how the casino makes money from each type of poker game. As a bonus, you’re going to learn about one type of Read more [...]

How to Win at the Casino with $20

Winning at the casino with just a 20 dollar bill
Learning how to win at the casino with $20 might sound like a tough chore, but don’t give up hope yet. While $20 isn’t a big budget for casino gambling, you have a chance to win with some good decision-making and a little bit of luck. You can play in a land-based casino or an online or mobile casino, but $20 goes a lot further online than it does in a local casino. So I’m going to give you all the information you need in this post to decide the best place to gamble, the best bets to make, Read more [...]

How to Make Money Baseball Betting

Baseball player batting- How to Make Money Watching Baseball
Major League Baseball is a good candidate for “toughest sport to bet on.” There’s some debate in the community about this – some identify college basketball as a lot tougher, others argue for the volatility in NBA betting. Regardless of where you land, you have to admit that baseball betting is a tough market in which to turn a profit. Knowing how to make money betting on football doesn't necessarily mean knowing how to make money baseball betting.. Today’s post does the same for baseball, Read more [...]

Surprise! This Is the Least Relevant Statistic in Sports

Bettor wondering about sports statistics
Sports and numbers go together like macaroni and cheese. We have a nearly endless pool of stats, figures, and percentages through which we can view our sports fandom. Sports bettors take advantage of this, using combinations of past performance and betting trends to help them find value bets. But one statistic is so overvalued, most bettors don’t even realize what a big mistake they’re making when they use it to handicap a contest. This is true in all four major US sports, and probably Read more [...]

9 Examples of When a Sucker Bet May Be the Smart Play 

9 Examples of When a Sucker Bet May Be the Smart Play 
There are days where it seems like my entire day is spent telling other gamblers the dangers of sucker bets. I write about the sinister nature of these bets and advise you all to never touch them.  That’s because I take a lot of time trying to save gamblers from themselves. If you can learn to leverage your casino bankroll effectively, you’ll have a better experience and lose less money.  Many of us are risk takers by nature. That’s a big part of why we gamble in the first place.  Sometimes Read more [...]

How They Play Blackjack in California

How They Play Blackjack in California
If you’re planning to play blackjack in California, there are a few things you need to know. While most blackjack games in California are basically the same as blackjack in other states, the laws about casino games are different in California than in other states. You’re going to learn how the casino game laws are different in Californian than most other states, what these laws mean for blackjack players, how blackjack is played in tribal casinos in the state, and a little bit about your online Read more [...]

How to Find a Bookie Near Me (Local Bookies in 2022)

How to Find a Bookie
The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who asked me how to find a bookie near me. Here's how that discussion came about: We were talking about a college football game, and my friend asked me which team the sportsbooks favored in the game. He knows that I bet on games, and he wanted to know which team the sportsbooks predicted to win. We talked about the line, and he decided that he wanted to make a bet. That's when he asked me about local bookies. I’ve been placing bets for so long Read more [...]

How to Read Las Vegas Odds (Understanding Lines in 2022)

How to Read Las Vegas Odds
Learning how to read Las Vegas odds is a prerequisite to success in sports betting. So, in this post, I'm going to explain Vegas odds as best I can. In fact, once you understand Vegas lines, you can bet on sports online or offline just about anywhere. What Are Vegas Odds? (Meaning) Las Vegas odds are the numbers that most (if not all) United States sportsbooks use to handle their betting. It's a system that gives bettors the details about what they're betting on. And it includes moneylines and Read more [...]