Professional NBA Gambler

How to Become a Professional NBA Gambler

Do you want to learn a secret that can help you quickly become a professional NBA gambler?

Some gamblers struggle for years to figure out how to win. But smart NBA gamblers take a shortcut.

The shortcut is to learn what the pro NBA gamblers are doing and to start doing the same things. This is how this page is going to help you become a better NBA gambler.

9 Things Professional NBA Gamblers Do That Amateurs Don’t

Here’s a list of 9 things that a professional NBA gambler does.

Most amateurs don’t use any of these strategies, so this is the best place to start becoming a pro.

1 – Understand Tempo Tendencies

Each NBA team has a tendency related to how fast or slow they try to play. Some teams play faster than others and each team tries to dictate the tempo of the game.

The best teams are able to dictate the tempo of the game, whether they play fast or slow. The weak teams usually have the tempo of the game dictated to them.

You might not think that tempo is important, but smart NBA gamblers understand how it influences every game and team. Identify how each NBA team wants to play and how well they dictate the tempo in each game. This is going to help you handicap every game on the schedule.

2 – Don’t Overvalue Assists

A professional NBA gambler knows how to use a wide range of statistics to help them evaluate games. But they also know how to weigh each stat they look at in their handicapping. Some statistics are more important than others.

Assists are one of the popular stats, but they aren’t as important as many other stats.

What’s the difference for handicapping purposes between a guy that averages seven assists a game and one that averages nine?

The truth is that just knowing the difference in average assists per game isn’t worth much for handicapping purposes. Each player brings multiple things to a game, and you need to evaluate the entire package.

Assists are directly related to points scored, but they’re a flawed statistic. Some of the most important players don’t have big assist numbers. You should look at assists, but don’t overvalue them.

3 – Understand the Importance of Turnover Ratio

You must know the turnover ratio for every team in the NBA. Amateur NBA gamblers don’t look at turnover ratios, and most professional NBA gamblers track it closely.

The turnover ratio is a simple way to look at how many turnovers an NBA team creates and gives up. The reason why turnovers are so important is that when a team turns the ball over they lose a chance to score. And on the other side, the team that creates the turnover gets another chance to score.

If you don’t do anything else on this page if you start using turnover ratios in your NBA handicapping it’s going to improve your results.

4 – Understand the Importance of Offensive Rebounds

Offensive rebounds are closely related to turnovers when you’re handicapping NBA games. When a team gets an offensive rebound they basically create another scoring opportunity and deny the defense the ball.

You have to look at how good or bad each team is at creating scoring opportunities and limiting the other team’s scoring opportunities. Turnovers and offensive rebounds are two areas where teams can win or lose games.

A team that has a positive turnover ratio and a high offensive rebound percentage controls the game more, creates extra chances to score, and limits the other team’s chance to score.

This is why it’s important to focus on these things. Amateur NBA gamblers ignore these things, and the pros understand how important they are.

When you track offensive rebounding, don’t just track the total number of rebounds on the offensive glass. Look at the percentage of missed shots that the offense gets a rebound on. This gives you a more accurate way to compare every team’s offensive rebounding ability in the NBA.

5 – Use Every Line Available

Professional NBA gamblers are focused on finding value. You can find value on NBA games in many different ways, and one way is to use every betting line available.

This includes evaluating NBA lines at more than one sportsbook to find the best line for the game you’re evaluating. It also includes looking at point spreads, moneylines, and totals.

If you want to be a professional NBA gambler, you need to stop worrying about where you find value and start focusing only on finding it any way you can.

When the point spread is too tight, look for a different point spread at a different sportsbook. If all of the point spreads are too tight, look for value on the moneyline.

Is there value on one side of the total?

What about value on a prop bet?

Use every NBA line that’s available when you’re looking for value. This is what the pros do, so you need to start doing the same thing.

6 – Limit the Impact of Vig

The main cost of making NBA bets is the vig. If you don’t have to pay the vig on lost wagers you can make a profit by winning 50.1% of your bets. You can break even by randomly picking teams with the point spread if you don’t pay vig.

Of course, the question is how do you limit the impact of vig?

Most sportsbooks use a standard vig of 10% on NBA point spread lines. This is what you have when you see you have to bet $110 to win $100, or some fraction or multiple of this. And even though it’s not as easy to see, they have a built-in vig on the moneylines that they offer.

The first thing you can do to limit the impact of vig on your NBA bets is to look for sportsbooks that offer lower vig, either because of a promotion or as a regular offer.

Another thing you can do is find other NBA gamblers to make occasional bets with. It’s not as easy as placing bets with sportsbooks, but when you place some of your wagers with other gamblers you don’t have to pay vig.

7 – Evaluate Defensive Stars

Amateur NBA gamblers know all of the offensive stars in the league, but they rarely consider who the best defensive players and teams are. Many NBA players are lazy on defense, but good defensive players and teams have a big influence on each game.

You need to start evaluating how each player and team plays defense and use this information when you’re evaluating games.

One of the most important things to use in your evaluations of NBA games is who guards the best scorers on the other team. Once you know this, evaluate how good the defensive player is at containing the top scorer.

8 – A Professional NBA Gambler Isn’t Infatuated with 3 Point Shooting

Three-point shooting is a big part of the NBA game. But it’s just a part, and if you want to be a professional NBA gambler you have to evaluate every part of the game.

You need to know who the best three-point teams and players are, but you also need to balance this with knowing the best scorers closer to the rim, the best rebounders, the best defensive players, etc.

Don’t fall into the trap that NBA fans fall into and get infatuated with three point-scoring. Evaluate every area of the game when you handicap NBA games.

9 – Use an NBA Handicapping System

When you develop and use an NBA handicapping system or model, it saves you time and helps you find value on more lines.

It’s not easy to find value because there are so many different things you have to evaluate. You learned about many of the important things to use when you’re evaluating NBA games on this page. But you also need to learn how to use all of this information to find value.

This is why you need to start building and using an NBA handicapping system. Plug in the statistics you use and keep testing new stats and options to refine your system. This is how you build a winning NBA handicapping system.


When you follow the steps on this page you’re doing what professional NBA gamblers do. Focus on doing what the pros do and you’re going to have a better chance to win.

Professional NBA gamblers understand the importance of turnover ratios and offensive rebounding, and most amateurs ignore these things. Start with these two areas and continue adding the other things listed on this page when you’re evaluating NBA games. This is going to improve your results faster than anything else you can do.

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