Real Money Craps

Real Money Craps.

It is an invigorating game. Excited people around a hot craps table is one of the iconic scenes that comes to mind when I think of being in Vegas. The communal feeling of everyone uplifting the person who is throwing the dice is classic. And it’s a land-based casino game. Or so you thought.

You might not think that craps is a game that can be played at online casinos. Is it boring? Is it even possible? There are over 100,000 players who would argue with you that craps is the best online game.

The number of people who play craps online to win real money is growing every year.

Craps doesn’t have the number of players that roulette or slots do, but it’s still on most online casinos’ websites.

Let’s dive in on how to play craps to win real money.

Why Should I Play Craps Online?

The biggest rationale behind most online players NOT playing craps is because in the past it was thought of as a hard game to win real money at and to become an expert. Craps is one of the more intimidating games for first time players, but (surprisingly) it’s a lot like many other table games that involve dice.

There are 100s of online casinos that have live craps games. Choosing the best online casino to play at isn’t a walk in the park. There are many options to consider when finding the right online casino to play craps for real money.

The most important thing to consider when making a decision on what site to play is to know how to play craps.

Have I got your attention yet? Let’s go over how to win real money playing craps at online casinos.

How Do I Pick the Best Casino to Play Online Craps

It seems every day there is a slew of new online casinos to play at. This can complicate things when deciding what is the best casino to play online craps for real money. Especially if you are unsure of what online casinos are trustworthy or you’re a new online player.

I always suggest that you do your own research on player forums and reviews first. Here is my list of things to look for when choosing an online craps casino:

Security and Safety

You want to avoid scam sites and make sure the site is legit. Always look for the online casino’s license on their homepage towards the end of the page. Any legit casino worth your time will have their licensing jurisdiction that governs the site as well as any licensing number(s).

Your personal bank and information should be at the top of your list when researching the best online casinos to play crap for real money. Ensure that their banking options are SSL encryption and they display the eCORGA seal of approval.

Player Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, do your research. I always find it best to read reviews and ask questions on player forums. This is the best way to get real player information about other’s experience playing craps for real money at the best casinos.

Promos and Bonuses

I always look for an online casino that will give me a generous bonuses or other sign up promotions.Banking Options

You want to find a casino that gives you multiple easy options that will give you a fast option for payouts and deposits with affordable transaction fees.


Since you found this blog and are reading this post I am going to guess that you have a pretty good handle on the English language. The best casinos in the USA use English as their main language for communication online.

If English is not your first language, you should know that there are plenty of casinos that offer craps for real money on their sites.

Do a little research and see what you find. Type into Google “best online casinos in XXX (language) for craps real money”. Let me know what you find.

Customer Service

You need (not want) to find an online casino that offers exceptional and receptive customer service. Look for a direct number on the online casino’s website. Read player forums and reviews that give positive feedback on their experiences of resolving issues they have had laying online craps for real money.

If you can’t find a contact number or any good reviews for the online casino you are considering, run like it’s on fire. Any legit casino will have an easy way to contact them and value their reviews on player forums.

The above criteria are the ones I look for when I’m searching for a legit online casino to play craps for real money. I would suggest you use these pointers as well when deciding where to play craps online for real money.

Benefit of Online Craps for Real Money

A lot of people really get a kick out of playing craps with a bunch of people at the table cheering them on. I sometimes really want the solitude of playing online casinos. There are no loud noises, frenetic energy, and NO LINES.

There’s none of the land-based casino headaches at online casinos. There is always an open “seat” at the craps virtual tables and no one will bother you. You can listen to your own music, sleep in your own bed, and best of all, concentrate on winning real money playing craps.

You should know that any legit casino, in the USA, will have a mobile app that is just as good as their website.

One of the biggest benefits of playing online casino craps for real money is bonuses. Online casinos offer serval bonuses for their players. You will not find offers for free play at any casino in Vegas.

Playing Real Money Craps on an App

One of the biggest advantages of playing craps for real money at online casinos is you have the option to play on your mobile device (phone or tablet).

The best casinos for online craps is that they have spent the time to develop a beautiful mobile experience. They have spent the time to look at every detail of the mobile interface.

It’s 2020, the instant play software in the best online casinos is outstanding. What’s even better is that the banking experience on mobile apps is just as seamless as the computer.

Many online casinos offer their mobile apps for free download. The programmers that build and maintain the casinos’ mobile apps have been adjusted to fit your smaller screens.

Steps to Start Playing Online Craps for Real Money

I thought you would find it helpful for my step by step way to start playing crap online. By now you should have picked a legit online casino to play real money craps.

Sign Up for a New Player Account

As a new online craps player, you’ll need to register for an account. This is a fairly easy task.  You’ll need to (usually) give your basic information like name, date of birth, email, etc. for verification reasons.

Most legit casinos will require you to confirm your information via email. Be sure to have easy access to the email you give to the online casino. Once you have completed the verification step you are almost ready to start playing.

Depositing Money

Open your account is set up you should visit the “cashiers” page where you will find the options for setting up your banking options. The best casinos offer multiple trustworthy options for making deposits and withdraws.

You’ll find payment methods like major credit cards, e-Wallets (my favorite is online PayPal accounts), cryptocurrencies, direct bank account links, and prepaid cards.

A note about directly linking your bank account and using major credit cards. Linking your bank account can be dangerous for many reasons. Security should be a concern you have with playing with either one.

Both payment forms can put you in a tight place if you over indulge your time and money spent. Traditional credit card companies will charge you the same APR for using your card at a casino because it is treated the same as a cash advance. Be careful.

I encourage you to research more on the best banking options for playing online casinos. As I already mentioned, my online PayPal account is my preferred way to bank with casinos.

Locating the Right Game

When you are on the casino’s website, go to the page for games and look for craps. Chose the craps option and wait for the game to open. You’ll be put in the game and you can start playing once the round (bet) is finished.

Withdrawing Your Real Money Winnings

Once you’ve played (and hopefully won some money) you exit the game. You’ll now be returned to the online casino’s “lobby”. If you’ve had your share of playing real money craps and are ready to cash out your winnings, proceed to the cashier page where you made your earlier deposit(s).

You’ll begin a withdraw request. Much like depositing money into your account, you’ll choose your preferred payment option to receive your real money winnings.

Online PayPal payments are also my choice for receiving my payouts from online casinos.

Real Money Craps Vs. Free Play

Many of the online casinos will give you free plays for craps as well as real money craps. The free play games are an excellent way for new a player like yourself to learn how to play in real-time without putting any real money at stake.

Free play craps is also a great way for experienced land-based casino craps players to get used to the virtual environment and programming.

You may not find free play craps as exhilarating as real money craps but its better to make mistakes in free play than lose your money in a real money craps game because of mistakes.

Real money craps games are when you should but a bar on how much money you are willing to spend a day or longer time period. This is a great way to keep yourself from having to explain to your significant other why you can’t make the car payment.

Odds for Online Craps

Craps is one of the most intricate betting systems in comparison to all the other online casino games. The odds aren’t very clear cut and therefore have a large number of probable out outcomes. On top of all this, some wagers have differing payouts for differing outcomes.

The entire system of odds in online craps is more than I can explain here. I suggest you read this tutorial on how to play craps

I first found craps odds pretty confusing too. I hope this helps you better understand online betting odds for real money craps.

My Tips for Online Real Money Craps

To be an effective player at online craps, you will need to procure a strong approach to the game. Online real money craps will put you in charge of how much you are wagering. Your knowledge about the house edge and betting odds will dictate how good a bet is or not.

Being well versed in the house edge and the odds of online craps is not always enough. Here are my top tips for you to play better games of craps:

1.Knowing the Game

For you to be a great craps player you need to commit the time to learn and read about the particulars of online craps. You can do this by reading craps posts on this blog or reading other online guides and blogs.

I also suggest watching live games to see how other players approach the game. YouTube is a great starting place.

2. Gaining Experience

It is key for you to feel confident playing real money craps at online casinos. If you are anxious, feeling nervous or not paying attention you are not going to have a good experience. This is the reason it’s important to take advantage of the free play option for craps at most online casinos.

When you’re ready to move on to real money craps for your first game, I suggest you wager low bets so if you lose you’re not discouraged.

3. Trust Your Gut

Your gut instinct or intuition, call it what you want, it is key to being a good online craps player. You have to trust your inner voice and be detailed because this will help your wins.

If you don’t trust your intuition during a game of online craps it will take longer to become a better player. It’s there for a reason, use it.

4. Big 8 and Big 6 Are the Worst

Have you ever played craps with veteran players? If so, you will notice that they never bet on Bog 6 or Big 8.

To win real money on these numbers the 6 or the 8 have to be rolled on the Come Out roll before 7. Don’t be confused about the word “Big”. It means big payout, but it is the opposite from the truth.

The therapy behind these wagers not being the best is because you can wager the same numbers as part of your Place Bet and do better in the end. The win is bigger (7:6 ratio compared to 1:1) and don’t forget the house edge, It is smaller (1.5% vs. 9.09%).

The only plausible benefit to Big 6 and Big 8 is you can make these types of wagers with the table minimum. Unfortunately, this is not common with the Place Bets. So play this kind of bet only when you are short on cash,

What to Think About Before You Play Real Money Craps Online

So you have created a new player account and are ready to start playing craps for real money at an online casino. There are a few things to consider before you start playing real money at a craps table in an online casino

Know how to play the game. You should always know how to play any casino game before you start wagering real money. Otherwise, you are just throwing your money away.

Set your spending amount before you enter the online casino. This too should apply to every game you play in an online or land-based casino. Things move quickly at online casino games,. This is especially true at real money craps.

If you don’t know how much you’re going to spend or how much you have already spent you could end up in a bad position. Pay attention to your spending and stick to your set amount of money you’ve decided on before you started playing real money craps.

Make sure you have a good internet or data connection. If you are playing on Wi-Fi or your phone via data, make sure your connection is not going to fail. Real money poker games are played in real-time at online casinos.

God forbid you lose your connection. If you lose your connection your game will cut out and be voided as well as your existing wagers.

Play any bonuses offered by the casino. You can read more about free play, welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses here.


I hope you have a better understanding of how I play real money craps at online casinos. The tips and things to avoid really do make a difference.

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please a comment below. Happy gambling.



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