Real Money Slots

Online real money slots are internet imitations of land-based casino slot machines but for virtual play. You can play real money slots at any legit online gaming site.

You have choices of what type of online slot you can play:

  1. Licensed Slot Machines
  2. 3D Animated Slots
  3. 5-Reel Video ad 3-Reel Classic
  4. Progressive Jackpot Games

Most real money slots can be enjoyed online from your computer or smartphone via an app.

This post will show you how to play for real money, which online casinos are legit, and how to win.

I can’t make the choice what online casino to play slots for real money, but I can help you get a better understanding of the play and enjoy winning real money from online slots.

Where Can I Play Online Slots for Real Money?

You CAN win real money at online casinos by playing slots.

As I always say, this is a game of pure chance. With a little bit of luck, you can win legit real money playing online slots.

You want to make sure that the online casino is legit. I can’t stress this enough.

A great online casino will offer the newest slots, and they’ll also offer 24/7 customer service, fast payouts, and multiple banking options.

These should also be understandable to new players and not just experienced players.

A good online casino for slots, especially in the USA, can be played from your home computer or smartphone via an app.

If you’re going to play online slots from your smartphone, make sure that the site has a legit app that is easy to understand and use.

The online casinos in the USA offer multiple options for players to win real money, but not all countries have the same offerings. Many other countries, like the UK and Canada, have certain limits on the online casinos.

When you’re playing online casinos please make sure you know what country the site is based out of. This can usually be found on the “about” page.

Not only can you locate the country of origin for the online casino, but you can also read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand the laws the online casino resides under and their own house rules.

As always, research.

Read players forums and reviews of online casinos, and you’ll have a better grasp of which casinos are in the USA, what foreign sites are legit, and from which casinos you can win real money.

There’re many online casinos that market themselves to players based in the USA. Others also cater to Americans as well as foreign players. The online slots are extremely popular in the USA.

The amount of money bet on online slots makes up for 70% of the American online casinos’ revenue. The online slots for real money are a competitive market in the USA. You should have a lot of online casinos to play at.

Bonuses at Online Casinos for Real Money

Online casinos that you can play for free money offer a lot of bonuses for new players. They do this to help you start with a bigger bankroll. When you deposit an amount, let’s say $15.00, you are able to play online slots within moments. Many sites even offer free spins with no deposits as a bonus. I am going to cover the types of bonuses that are offered by online casinos for their real money slots:

1- Welcome Bonus, this type of bonus is for new players that open an account with the website and deposit money. The welcome bonus is the casino (house) money. The house money is given to the new player as a motivation to play the online casino. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. New account players get the largest welcome bonuses. These are often referred to as 1st deposit bonuses.

2- Free Spin Bonus, this class of bonus is becoming more popular. For new and returning players, the free spin bonus is free bonus spins for spinning the real for free. The advantage is you pick up winnings you gather in bonus spins. Free spins bonuses are seldomly given as welcome bonuses as they are more commonly given out on a daily or weekly basis. As always, read the terms and conditions.

3- Free Play Bonus, this type of bonus is given to returning players that usually reach a certain breakthrough in spending or wins. The free play bonus is given out as a onetime reward for your return play at the online casino. This type of bonus works much like the free sin bonus but with somewhat different terms and conditions.

4- Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, this is the best of all the bonuses offered at online casinos for slot players. Free spins, no deposit means the house will give you free spins to play their slot machines without making a deposit. If you win on the free spin, you have only made money because you did not have to make a deposit.

Free spins, no deposit bonuses are usually offered to new accounts. Please be aware that most of the free spins, no deposit bonuses usually require you to make a minimum betting requirement to cash out and there are limits on how much you can win.

As always, I can’t stress this enough, read the terms and conditions before playing this particular type of bonus. There can be some not as obvious requirements for free spins, no deposit bonuses.

More on Free Spins, No Deposit Bonuses

The Free Spins, No Deposit, is your mind reeling?

It may seem too good to be true but let’s dig in a bit deeper. I want to answer some of the obvious questions new players have when they first hear of this concept. I want you to be armed with the facts and feel confident in playing online casinos’ free spins, no deposit systems.

What Does Free Spins, No Deposits Mean?

The concept of “free spins, no deposit”, also known as “spins on sign up”, is a way to get free spins on slot machines at online casinos. Not like the “no deposit bonus” which is usually a chip, a free spins, no deposit bonus is an opportunity to have a credit put on your account in exchange for free spins on the online casino’s slot machines.

Most casinos use this approach to allow their users to test out the offerings of the online casino, in particular slot machines.

What Do I Need to Get a Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus?

This is a common question for new players that are looking to win real money at online slot machines. The requirement to get free spins (free plays) with no deposit varies across the online casinos.

The majority of online casinos ask for a coupon code or promo code when you register your new account with them. Other online casinos will sometime go ahead and credit the free spins to your new account after you sing up for a new account.

Please read the fine print because a variety of online casinos will ask for a new account verification (KYC) before adding the credit to your account. This method may take a couple minutes to 24 hours to complete. It depends on the casino, if the are in the USA or an offshore casino.

As always, read the terms and conditions before playing free spin, no deposit bonuses. You can never research too much when it comes to collecting free plays. Always make sure you understand the T&C and feel the online casino is legit.

When Can I Cash Out My Winnings with a Free Spins, No Deposit?

Simply, you can’t. Your winning from the free plays (or spins in this case) are almost always tied to a minimum wager requirement that needs to be met before you are able to cash out your wins. Online casinos usually require a maximum cash out (or cap) that is needed as well.

Some casinos also have what is known as “wager free bonus spins”. They are basically a free play with unneeded wager requirements before you are able to cash out your winnings.

Make sure you understand what the cash out (or cap) is in the T&C.

Do I Get to Pick the Slot or Does the Online Casino?

As I am sure you’re learning, it varies depending on the online casino. Many online casinos provide to you their “no deposit spins” on certain slots. This usually is chosen by the online casino based on industry trends or the location of the online casino, like the USA. A handful of online casinos let you decide the slot you would like to play your free spin(s).

I Already Have an Account with the Online Casino. Can I Still Get Free Spins, No Deposit?

Yes, in most cases. There are several online casinos that every so often give free spins, no deposit for returning players, also known as existing players. This information is found in the terms and conditions on most online casinos’ sites.

Best Ways to Withdraw and Deposit Money at Online Casinos

There are just as many ways to pay and be paid at online casinos as there are to pay you bills online. Let’s review some of the safest and most popular ways players are making deposits and withdraws of their online casino winnings. The best online casinos offer multiple payment options for their players.

1- Credit or Debit Cards

This is the most traditional way to pay for deposits and receive your winnings at online casinos. This is also true for land-based casinos. This, of course, is how most players (in the US at least) pay for their other everyday expenses as well.

The best online casinos will take the major card names like Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. As always, read the online casino’s terms and conditions. Be careful because it is pretty easy to end up with a maxed-out credit card or an empty bank account.

2- E-Wallets

E-Wallets are one of the most common and popular forms of payment in the online world The advantage of e-wallets is that you create a 3rd party account that securely stores your credit or debit card(s) for you. This is also an extra convenience because most e-wallets can store multiple forms of payment in case you need to draw on one or multiple. Let’ look at my favorite e-wallet for online casino deposits and withdraws.

PayPal, PayPal is the most commonly used form of e-wallet the online casinos (and internet) has. PayPal’s superior advantage is that they have built a name of trust and ease of use amongst their users. Because of this online PayPal payments are widely used on sites such as retail giant, Amazon, to smaller mom and pop stores on Etsy.

The online casinos wanted to capitalize on this built in trust and have now started providing online PayPal payments and deposits via their sites. The other advantage for the players and the online casino is that most PayPal accounts offer direct bank deposits and credit or debit card withdraws. It’s a win win for both the player and the online casino.

Before you play, you know my rule, always read the online casino’s terms and conditions to ensure that they accept your chosen form of payment


Wow, we covered a ton of information in this post. I hope you have a better understanding of the best online casino practices for winning real money playing slots. Read those terms and conditions and do your research.

When it comes to free spins (free plays) and no deposit bonuses make sure you understand the casinos’ requirements and how the online casinos handle the slots.

Remember, any of the best casinos, especially based out of the USA, are going to be playable on a personal computer or on your smartphone. If you can download and app that is even better.

Online casinos are fun and really do offer real money for you to win. Research and read player forums.

I would love to hear your feedback and questions you might have on winning real money playing slot at online casinos. Happy gambling.

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