Winning More Money on Slot Machines

Nothing like unwinding at a casino with a drink in hand and the glorious sound of coins hitting the tray. It is even better when you can win a few coins of your own to get a drink refill or whatever.

Slot machines are casino gambling machines with three or more reels that spin when activated upon insertion of a coin, bill or bar coded ticket. Slots is game of chance, it is not dependent on any skill whatsoever. It dates back to the late 1800s. The earlier versions had a lever that activated the reels. This paired with the fact that machines could take your money very quickly earned them the name: one-armed bandit.

Slot machine payoffs are in accordance to patterns of symbols visible on the screen. Slot machines are very popular, making up 70% of US Casino income. Today there are two types of slot machines; progressive and flattop or straight slot. Progressive slot machines are those whose jackpot amount increases the more games are played. Progressive slot machines can be linked across the floor and more recently, across the state. This is in a bid to widen the jackpot pool therefore providing larger jackpots. Straight slots have a fixed payout.

On a slot machine, one can win cash or bonuses like free spins and extra games. The electromechanical machines proved difficult when it came to number of combinations available per reel. One bet was limited to only winning 1000 times its amount. For this reason, virtual reels were developed with 256 stops per reel. This development made it possible for a $1 bet to win $1 Million every 16.8 million plays. Today there are video slots with simulated reels on the screen. They offer multiple pay lines and flexible bonuses.

Before hitting the slots, one needs to arm themselves with a few pointers.

First Thing to Do Is Research Slots

Read in depth analyses of programming and research more into the information provided above. Find payout percentages. A payout percentage is the ration of the coins paid in that is paid back to players. Consider a slot machine with a payout percentage of 95%. Each player inserts a dollar and there are 1 million plays. Players will get 950,000 back and the house will keep only 50,000. This makes the particular slot machine a loose one and therefore suitable to play. This might be difficult especially because it is proprietary information but there are some spills here and there. Some casinos publish their slot payout percentages online. Alternatively, some slot players publish their experiences with casino slots online. The UK publishes all its casino slot machine payout percentages. It would be prudent to look through these.

How Much Can You Bet

Automated Teller Machines in Vegas and other gambling cities are very strategically placed. This is to ensure gamblers have access to more funds to play some more and more until they run out of money to settle their hotel bill. Different people can afford to blow different amounts on slots.

You should set a lose limit. This is the amount when lost the gambler should stop and moves to another machine. Losing more than the set limit should not serve as a motivation to bet some more. The more one plays on one slot machine the more they will win in the end is a misconception. Slot machines use random number generators. If it is a tight machine, it will not suddenly loosen up. Similarly, a ‘double my money’ limit should also be set. Winning on the first try or at all does not guarantee winning a second time. Winnings should be pocketed not inserted right back into the machine. When either of these limits is reached, you should stop and move on to another game or machine.

The amount one is planning to gamble with is called a bankroll. If it a weekend gambling spree there is a set total bankroll. The number of days then hours to be spent at the casino should be divided by this amount. This way, if you stick to one slot machine for one hour you know how much you can afford to lose there. A bankroll should cover at least 250 bets, which should take a round 3 hours offering a 90% chance of winning.

Gain an Advantage

There are slot clubs. These offer memberships and members are given cards. By inserting the card into machine, the club will keep track of the player’s bets. This earns the player complimentary food, hotel rooms and other such nice things through return of a fraction of the bets.

Generally, leave cards behind and get yourself a discipline buddy. Someone to baby sit if you are the ‘throw caution to the wind’ type.

Guidelines to Bigger Wins

  1. Keep An Eye Out

Most slot machines hold freebies and benefits. Different casinos and different slot machines will offer different incentives to players. One should compare these and choose the best. In addition to this, play smaller jackpots. Low variance slot machines will offer smaller but more frequent wins. Depending on your budget, this is the best place to be. Tighter slot machines will offer bigger payouts but less frequent wins. You can strike a comfortable balance between high payout percentage and biggest jackpot amount on progressive slot machines.

Different slot machines hold different denominations. 100-dollar slots will have bigger wins that the $1 machines which in turn will have bigger payouts than the coins and pennies machines. You should play the highest denomination you can afford. Again, refer to your bankroll.

Casino floors are designed to attract customers to the machines that give the house the most advantage. These machines are loud and flashy they attract everyone’s attention when a payout is made. Sometimes a few nondescript high payout percentage machines are thrown in the front. There really is no way to know the fashion in which the carousel is planned.

At the grocery store, the low cost products and best offers are placed on the bottom shelves. It is easier to get a handsome discount on a dented can of tomato paste. Slot machines should be treated in the same way. The old and beaten machines are bound to have the best offers and high payout percentages. Ones with big flashy prizes advertised and blockbuster ads should be avoided at all costs.

The players seated at the slot machines can also offer insight into whether it is worth playing or not. Sober well-dressed individuals play high payout percentage slot machines. These people play for a little while then leave for another machine. It is best to follow them, they are knowledgeable. Drunk, overly enthusiastic, and desperate looking players should be watched. They will let the player know which machines to avoid.

The morning after a big night at the casino can be lucrative. Due to many bad hands the night before, the machine might be ready to give a payout by morning. However, you should test the waters first incase the machines are not in a giving mood. Point of caution, do not let the casino management suspect that you are watching a particular machine. This will get you kicked out faster than a drunken underage teenage boy at a frat party.

  1. One Play Strategy

In this instance, the player plays a single game on each machine. If they win, they play one more round. This continues until the ‘double my money’ limit is reached. If the player loses, they move on to another machine. This only works for people who have a true understanding of the machines.

  1. Standard Deviation Strategy

This plan centers on studying of patters and use of common sense. It requires concentration, patience, and money. The required work and investment for this strategy is justified by the guarantee of a win..

The player plays until they win then play through to the next win. This is meant to let them know how many spins are between wins. This cycle should continue at least ten times. In this way they can predict the pattern with which the machine gives payouts. It takes a lot of time but the end is well worth the means.

  1. Hold The Reels

This is a cheat provided by the manufacturers where the player can hold one or two reels in position while the other spins. This does not guarantee a win but it sure does increase the chances of getting a winning combination.

The 3-hold rule is where two spins give two matching stops. The player then holds those two in position while they spin the third reel.

The player can also hold after a nudge. A nudge is a cheat that allows the player to move the reel up or down. This action turns a losing spin into one with the potential to win. Nudges are earned bonuses and sometimes the machine will not give enough of them. In this case, use the hold function.

Do Not…

  1. Maximum credits

Some people place the largest bets they can locate immediately they arrive at the casino. The idea relies on maximum risk reaps maximum benefits. However, slot machines do not follow this rationale. Placing maximum credits should only be done upon full understanding of the machine’s generosity. This can only be done by placing small bets to begin with then gradually increasing depending on the machine’s response. Placing maximum bets blindly is a sure way to blow your entire bankroll before you have gotten past the casino foyer.

  1. Cold games

This was mentioned earlier. A tight slot machine will remain tight regardless of how many times you play it. It will not be impressed by your tenacity and persistence. If a machine has not given a payout after all of 20 plays, move on.

  1. Greed

For some people, a big win causes their head to swell. You win big and suddenly you think you are the luckiest person to ever walk the earth so you go around placing exorbitant bets on every machine. Winning big should calm you down. From then you should get more cautious. It should sober you up.

  1. Desperation

Just as a big win should not cause greed, loss should not cause desperation. You have lost sure but have you it your lose limit? If you have, stop. If not continue and take loss in stride. Lady luck cannot show you her back for too long. Eventually she will turn and smile at you. It might be right before you bet the last bit of your bankroll or in the next play. Point of playing slots is to have fun.

  1. Budget

It is understandable that the economy is bad and it is important to keep spending at a minimum. That said, the bankroll should not be ridiculously low like $20. You would rather play slots once every three months. Play freely and well, enjoy yourself. Than play every month while worrying that your gambling budget will not be enough. This defeats the purpose.

  1. Can you afford to lose?

The one armed bandit is notorious for taking money fast and ruthlessly. Money meant for other uses should not be placed as bets. Do not place bets with rent money or mortgage payment. This is how you get yourself into hot thick soup. Play ONLY with the amount you can afford to lose.

  1. Tasters

These are small payouts given by tight machines to keep the player seated. This also serves as a motivation to the people around. It is important to remember that the tightest machines are the noisiest and brightest. They are also placed the most prominently.

Casinos are a great place to be, unless of course you have a gambling addiction. The games in there are all in good fun. The house of course has the edge but the players get their own. One never has to worry about never getting a payout. The law requires a certain level of payout percentages. Some casinos now use their high payout percentage machines as a marketing and competition point use that to the fullest of its potential. As the house is winning, make sure you also win. Keep a clear mind, do not jump too quickly at the sound of payouts, and most importantly, enjoy.

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